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(Click a letter to choose words from English to Cherokee)


A B  C D  E F  G H  I J  K L  M N  O P  Q R  S T  U V  W X  Y Z

wage a-da-tlo-s-gi

wagon da-qua-le-lu

wahoo tree tsu-wa-do-na

waiting a-ga-ti-yv

walk a-i-sv

walking stick u-da-o-la-nu-s-ti

wall a-so-yv

walnut se-di

walnut tsa-de

walnut hominy ka-nu-tsi

walnut oil tsa-de-ka-i

walnut oil se-di-ka-i

want u-na-du'-li

want tsa-du'-li

want tsa-du'-li-a

want u-du'-li-a

want u-na-du'-li-a

want u-du'-li

war da-na-wa

war da-nu-wa

war chief nu-gu-we-u-sv

war club a-ta-si

war hawk da-na-wa a-hi-ga-lu-s-ti

war paint wo-di

war path da-na-wa-nv-ne-hi

war path da-na-wa-nu-ne-hi

war pole a-ta-de-da-wa-s-do-di

war stick a-da-s

warm u-ga-na-wa

warm de-la-ka

warrior da-nu-wa--a-na-li-hi

warrior a-ya-s-ti-gi

was ge-se-i

wash a-di-wa-s-ti

wash a-gv-s-quo-s-di

wasp ka-(na)-(tsi)-s-de-tsi

wasp ka-na-tsi-s-de-tsi

waste a-tse-wi-s-gv

watch a-ka-lu-ga

watch wa-tsi

water a-ma

water ma-ma'

water beetle da-yu-ni-si

water cress gu-la-hi

water dog tsu-wa

water jar v-ti-ya

water lily a-ma-ye-du-hi

water mocassin u'-ga'

Water Spirits yv-wi a-ma-yi-ne-hi

waterfall a-ma-s-ka-ga-hi

watermelon gv-gi-s-di

wave da-s-tli-ne-ga

wax a-dla

way ga-lo-hi-s-di

wealth na-gu-se

weasel tsi-s-ga-tsi da-lo-ni

weasel tsi-s-ga-tsi-de-lo-hi

weaver tsu-o-la

web site ka-na-ne-s-ga u-si-li-de-wi-sv nu-s-da

Wednesday tso-li-ne-i-ga

week su-na-do-da-qua-s-di

weep de-tlo-ya-s-ti

weight nu-da-ge-sv

welcome tsi-lu-gi

welcome u-li-he-li-s-di

well ka

west wu-de-li-gv
west u-di-li-gv-yi

West u-sv-hi-yi

wet ga-du-li-da

wet a-ma

what ga-do

what hv-?

wheat u-tsa-le-s-di

wheel ga-qlua-do-di

when hi-la-yu-i

where ha-tlu

where ga-tsu

where ha-tlv

which? ga-do

whip ga-wa-s-dv-ni-s-di

whisker a-ha-nu-lv-sv

whiskey wi-s-gi

whiskey a-ma a-tsi-la

whistle a-ye-la-li-do-hi

white u-ne-gv

white u-ne-ga

white yo-ne-ga

who ga-go

who? ka-ga

why ga-do-no

wide a-ya-te-na

wife a-da-li-i

wife u-s-da-yv-hv-s-gi

wild ga-ya-da-hi

wild i-na-ge-hi

wildcat gv-hi

will wi-li

willow de-le-ga-li-s

wind u-nu-le

wind ga-no-lv-v-s-gv

window tso-la-nv

winds nv-gi-tsv-le

wine gi-ga-ge--a-di-ta-s-di

winter go-la

winter ka-la

wire u-ya-nv-hi

wise a-ga-ta-hna-i

wise a-ga-ta-na-i

witch tsi-gi-li

with gv-do-di

with the hands u-wa'-yi gu-ti

wizard a-dv-ne-li-s-gi

wolf wa-ya

woman a-gi-ya

woman a-ge-yv

wood a-da

wood a-ta

woodpecker gu-gu-tsa

woodpecker ta-la-la

wool u-wa-nv

wool u-wa-nu-ta-la-la

wooly u-nu-du-na

word ka-ne-tsv

work di-ga-lv-wi-s-da-ne-di

worm u-se-ya

worm s-go-yi

worm ga-s-ka-ya

worm tsv-s-go'-yi

worn out u-wa-ta

wound a-tsi-so-nv-nv

wound a-sa-nu-da-i

wounded a-sa-nu-nu

wren a-li-ta-ma

wren tse-ni'

writing a-no-wi-li-s-gv

wrong ga-li-da-s-ta-nv-hi

Alihelisdi!-- Ganag'ati Lowe'di Alahusgi'

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