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table ga-s-gi-lo

tabu tsi-ga-ti-ga

tadpole te-?ga

tail ga-ni-da-dv

tail u-ta-na

take a-gi-s-di

talk ga-wo-ni-s-gv

talker ga-wo-ni-ha

talking wo-ni

talking, he or she is ga-wo-ni

talking, I am tsi-wo-ni

tall i-nv-i-ga-ti

tame u-lu-ni-ta

tanning u-tsa-da-we

tassel u-tsi-tsa-lu

taste nu-s-du--a-gi-s-di

taste a-na-tlu-di-i

tax a-ye-li--a-gu-yv-di

tea u-ga-lo-ga go-tlv-ta-nv

tea u-ga-lo-gv

teacher di-de-yo-hv-s-gi

teaching da-de-yo-hv-s-gv

teepee a-ni-gv-wi-ya--u-ni-la-tso-dv

teeth de-ga-nv-do-gv

telephone di-li-no-he-di

telequaw te-le-qua

telescope a-ka-ta-ti

ten s-go-hi

ten s-go

tendency wi-du-yv-go-dv

Tennessee te-na-si

Tennessee River e-qua-ni-ma-ya

tent ga-li-tso-da-di

tenth s-go-hi-ne

tenth s-go-hi-ne-i

terrible u-s-ga-se-ti-yu

terripin da-ga-si

test a-ga-dv-di

Texas nv-da-gi

than gv-na-wo-s-gv

Thanksgiving u-li-he-li-s-di

Thanksgiving u-na-li-he-li-s-di-yo-u wa-do

that na-s-gi

that na

the hi-a

then na-hi-yu-i

theory go-lu-wa-dv-di

there ha-hna

there yi

thick u-ha-ge-dv

thin sa-gi-i

thing i-yu-s-di

third tso-i-ne-i

third tso-i-ne

thirsty da-s-ti-he

thirteen tso-ga-du

this hiya

this hi-a

this go-hi

thong ga-no-tsi

thorn a-ta-di-u-s-ti

thorny da-s-ti-yu-s-ti

though di-gv-wa-lo-sv

thought ne-li-sv

thread a-s-ti

thread a-s-di

three tso-i

three tso-i

throat a-yv-tse-ni

through ka-li-i

throwing hawk u-da-gu ga-lo-ya-s-ti

thumb u-du-ni-hi--ya-s-da

thunder a-yv-da-qua-lo-s-gi

thunder a-yv-da-qua-lo-s-gv

thunder u-na-la-s-gi

thursday nv-gi-ne-i-ga

tick gu-ga-i

ticket a-yv-s-do-di

tight a-s-da-ya

till gi-la

time a-le-ye-su

time a-li-yi-li-sv
tin s-gu-o

tip u-s

tire a-dla--a-tlv-di

tired da-gi-a-wu-ga

tired gi-a-wu-ga

tired tsu-ya-we-tsv-hi

titmouse u-tsu-tsi

toad te-?ga

toad wa-lo-si

toadstool du-wa-lu

tobacco tso-la

tobacco tsa-lu

today ko-hi-i-ga

toe ka-na-sa-dv

together i-tsu-la

tomorrow su-na-la-yi

tomorrow su-na-le

tongue ga-nu-ga tsu-lo-tso-tsi

tongue ga-nu-ga

tongue ga-nv-go

tonight ko-hi-u-sv

tooth ga-nv-do-gv

top ga-du-i

topknot u-tsa-hi

tornado u-no-le

torture a-da-gi-lu-di

touch a-sv-na-s-di

tough a-s

town ga-du-hv

tracker a-ga-te-no

trackers a-ni-ga-te-no

tracks u-ta-si-nv-yi

trade da-na-li-s-ka

trade di-da-ne-tli-yv-e-di

trader da-na-ti-s-gi

trail nu-nah-i

trail nv-ne-hi

Trail of Tears nv-na-da-u-la-tsv-yi

trailing ga-la-nu-ni

train di-ga-tsa-nu-la

transparent u-lv-su-ti

transportation a-ni--gi-s-do-di

trash gu-a-sa-ta

travel e-do-li-do-hv

tray a-tla-nv-da-di

treasurer a-de-la-ga-ya

tree tsa-li-gu

tree tlu-gv

tribe a-ni-la-s-da-lv

trick gv-wa-da-li-da-s-di

trouble u-tso-a-se-di

trousers di-su-lo

trout tsu-na-ga

truck ga-na-sa-ne-s-do-di

true do-e-u

true u-do-hi-yu

try ah-ne-li-ta

tuber u-lv

Tuesday ta-li-ne-i-ga

tulip poplar tree

turkey ka-la-gv-na

turkey ka-la-gi-sa

turkey gv

turkey gv-na

turn a-ga-ta-hv-s-di

turnip da-quo-sa-nv

turnip du-ka-su-ni

turtle sa-li-gu-gi

turtle u-li-na-wi

turtle u-la-na-wa

turtledove gu-le-di-s-ka-nah-i

Tuscarora Indians a-ni-s-ka-la-li

twelve ta-li-du-i

twelve ta-li-du

twenty ta-li-s-go-hi

twilight u-sv-hi-yi

twin di-ni-la-wi

twist a-s-de-ya-s-di

twist u-gv-tsu-s-ti

two ta-li

two ta

Alihelisdi!-- Ganag'ati Lowe'di Alahusgi'

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