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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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nail yu-gi

naked tsv-ya-ti-ga

naked u-ya-ti-ga

name du-do-v


narrow a-ya-do-li

Nashville, Tennessee da-gu-na-we-la-hi

Natchey Town na-tsi-yi

nation a-ye-li--u-do-tlv-sv

natural ni-gv-wa-s-dv

near na-v-i

near nu-la-ti

necessary na-s-gi--i-yu-li-s-do-di

neck a-gi-la-ge-ni

need u-du-la-di

needle yv-gi

needle u-tsu

negative ha-le-nu

nerve o-da-na-dv

nest u-ne-s-gi-lv-sv

nest ka-ne-s-da

net ga-ya-lu-di

net da-su-du-di

new i-tse

New York nv-ya-gi

news de-tse-i

night sv-a-yi

night sv-no-yi

nightingale s-qua-le'-wa-li'
Nikwasi ni-qua-si

nine so-ne

nine so-ne-la

nineteen so-ne-la-du

ninth so-ne-li-ne

ninth so-ne-li-ne-i

no tla

no, not so tla-hv

no, not so v-tla

no, not so tla

noise u-no-yv-gv

noon i-ga

noon nv-da-ye-li

normal nu-lo-sv-s-dv-na

north u-yv-tlv-i

north u

nose ga-ya-so-li

nose ka-ya-sa

not na-s-gi

note a-da-do-gv--di-ka-no-li

November nv-da-de'-wa

November nu-da-de-qua

now na-quu

number se-s-di

number a-se-s-di

numbers di-se-s-di

nut tsa-hi

nut u-da-ta-nv

nuthatch tsu-le-na

Alihelisdi!-- Ganag'ati Lowe'di Alahusgi'

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