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(Click a letter to choose words from English to Cherokee)


A B  C D  E F  G H  I J  K L  M N  O P  Q R  S T  U V  W X  Y Z

baby u-s-di

baby deer a-wa-ni-ta

back ga-so-hi

backwards a-si-ni

bacon ha-wa-ya--u-ka-yo-sv

bad u-yo-i

bad u-s-ga a-s

Bad Spirit s-gi-na

Bad Spirits a-ni-s-gi-na

badge a-ka-ne-s-di

badger u-gu-na

bag de-ga-lo-di

bag ga-nv-dv-i

bait ga-?di

bake ga-du-hv-s-ga

balance u-ti-yv-hi

bald mountain top u-da wa-gv-ta

ball a-la-s-ga-lo-di

ball a-ne-tsa

ball gu-na

ball a-ne-tsa u-na-s

ball a-ne-tsa ta-ga-lo-de

ballground a-ne-tsa ga-da

band di-ni-tse-lu-hi-s-gi

baneberry u-da-i

bank a-de-lv--di-di

bank a-ma-yi

baptist di-da-wo-s-gi

baptize ga-wo-a

barbed tsu-tsa-yo-s-di

barber di-da-s-do-ye-s-gi

barber di-ta-s-ta-ye-s-gi

barely u-se-ga-tsv-i

bark tsu-wa-lu-ka

bark da-su-wi-s-ga

barrel sv-do-ni

base a-le-nv-di-s-gv

bashful u-de-ho-sa-ti

basin a-tle-s-do-li

basket ta-lu'-tsi

basket ta-lu-tsa

baskets di-ta-lu'-tsi

bass u-no-ga

bat tlo-me-ha

bat tla-ma-ha

bath a-da-wo-s-gv

bathe a-da-wo-a

batter a-su-ge-di

battery a-na-ga-li-s-gi

bead a-de-la

beads di-a-de-la

bean do-ya

beans du-ya

bear yo-nv

bear yo-na

bear grass sa-i-qua-yi

bear meat yo-na ha-wi-ya

beard a-ha-nu-la-hu

beat a-tlo-s-ga

beautiful u-wo-du-hi

beaver do-ya

beaver da-yi

beaver do-yi

beaver dam da-yi-hv-s-gi

because i-gv-ni-si-s-gi

bed a-tsi-s-ta

bed ga-ni-tli

bed bug ga-lu-i-s-di

bedstead ga-ni-tla-di-s-di

bee wa-du-li-si

bee wa-du-li-si

bee ga-s-go-ya

beef wa-ga-ha-wi-ya

beewax wa-du-le-si ga-lu

before u-da-lu-lv

before i-gv-yi-di-tlv

begin a-da-le-ni-ha

behavior na-dv-ne-hv-i

behind o-ni-di-tlv

behind o-ni-di-dla

belch u-wa-gu-le-ga

belief u-wo-hi-yu-sv

bell a-ha-lu-ni

bell ha-lv-ni

bell u-ha-lv-ni

beloved a-gi-ga-u

below e-la-di

belt a-da-tlo-s-di

bench ga-nv-hi-dv ga-s-gi-lo

bend a-tli-qui-dv-s-ga

bent u-tsa-s-qui-di

berry u-da-ta-nv-hi

beside u-li-di-tlv

best wo-:sv

best wi-do-:sv

best o-hi-s-ti

best of all a-s

better da-tse-tla

between a-ye-li

bewitch ga-ne-gu-di-a

Bible go-we-li u-ha-ge-dv

big u'-ta-na'

big e-qua

Big Dipper yo-na-e

bigger u-ta-ni-di

binoculars di-ga-do-di

birch tree da-lo-ne-ga a-da

bird tsi-s-qua

bird tsi-s

birth u-de-nv

birthday u-de-ti-yi-s-gv-i

bit u-s-ga-lo-tsv

bite a-s-ga-la

bite a-da-s-ka-lu-tsi

bitter tsu-na-tsa-ya-s-ti

bitter u-yv-s-di

black gv-nah-ge

black gv-ne-ga

black gv-na-ge-i

black bear gv-ni-ge-yo-na

black drink gv-ne-ga a-da-ta-s-ti

black fox i-na-li

black snake gu-le-ga

black snake u-ka-su-hi

blackberry ga-nu-ga-la

blackberry ka-nu-ga

blackberry ka-nu-ga-li

blackbird gv-ne-ga tsi-s

black-eyed susan a-wi-a-ka-ta

black-eyed susan a-wi-a

blacksnake ga-le-gi

blanket tsu-s-qua-nv-ni

blanket u-ne-gv-ha-i

blanket u-na-gu-hu

blind di-ge-wi

blinding tsu-ga-do-yv-i-s-di

blink da-ga-ta-na-nah-s-di

blood gi-ga

blood gi-ga-ha-i

blood gi-gv

blood brother da-ni-ta-ga
blood taker gi-ga-da-ne-gi-s-gi

bloody fellow yv-wi-gi-ga

Bloody Ground go-na-da gi-ga-ha-i

Bloody Man a-s-ga-ya-gi-ga

bloody mouth gi-ga-tsu-ha-li

bloom a-tsi-lv--s-ga

blouse a-ti-tli-di

blouse a-ge-yv ga-du-i u-nu-wo-gi

blow a-da-dv-na-s-di

blowgun darts gi-tsi

blue sa-go-ni-ge

blue sa

blue sa-ha-ni

bluebird tsa-quo'-la-de

bluebird tsa-quo-la-da-gi

bluejay tla-i-?ga

bluejay tla'

bluejay dla-yi-ga

bluff ga-lo-na-s-di--ha

board sv-da-lu-ga

boat tsi-yu

bobcat gv-he

body a-ye-lv

body tsi-ye-lv-i

boil du-s-di

boiling a-li-tlv-s-gi

bolt u-di-qua-lv-de-yi-da

bone go-la

bone da-lu

book go-we-li

book go

boot gv-wa-li-yo-s-di

borrow a-do-li-s-ga

borrowed a-ga-ta-li-s-ta

borrowed a-do-li-da

both i-tsu-la

bottle gu-gu

bounce a-da-de-ga

bouncing ka-s-ti

bow ga-tso-di

bow ga-li-tsa-di

bow ga-li-tsa-di

bow ga-lo-tsa-di

bow and arrows ga-tso-di a-le go-ni

bow and arrows ga-tso-di a-le gu-ni

bow string ga-tso-di da-di

bowl di-wa-li

box ga-ne-sa-i

box ka-ne-sa-i

boy u-wa-gi-a

boy a-tsu-tsa

boyfriend u-na-li-go-di

boys a-ni-tsu-tsa

brag a-tlv-qui-s-ga

braid a-s-de-yo-ha

brain u-nv-tsi-da

brake ga-nv-tlo-s-di

branch u-s-di ge-yv-qua

branch u-s-di u-wa-ni-ga-lv

branch s-te-wa-yi

branch u-wa-ni-ga-lv

brass v-tsa-i-yi

brass tsa-yi

brass tsu-yi

brave u-le-tsu-ya-s-ti

brave tsu-li-tsv-ya-s-di

bray a-s-do-a

brayer a-s-do-s-gi-i

bread ga-du

break a-ga-la-s-ga

breast ga-nv-di-i

breath ka-wo-la-de-s-gv

breath v-li-ta

breech clout ga-do-la ya

breeder di-nu-s-gi

briar ka-nu-ga

briar ka-nu-tsu

briar bush ka-nu-gu-la

brick di-dv-da-nv-hi

bridge a-sv-tlv-i

bridge a-sv-tsi

Brier Place ka-nu-gu-la-yi

bright tsu-lv-sa-da

bright u-tsi-s-ta-lu gi-s-gi

broken u-yo-tsv-hi

broom gv-no--sa-s-di

broom gv-no-sa-s-di

brother u-do

brother di-na-da-nv-tli

brother di-ga-ne-li

brother da-ni-ta-ga

brother v-gi-ni-li

brothers e-da-di-tlu-nu-tsi

brothers tsv

Brothers di-gi-ne-li

brothers di-na-da-nv-tli

Brothers v-gi-ne-li

brown wa-di-ga-i

brown wu-di-ge

brown wo-di-ge

brush ga-nu-go-nv-do-di

buck ga-la-gi-na

bucket ta-lu-gi-s-gi go-yi-nu-s-di a-ma

bucket a-ma--gu-gi-s-do-di

buffalo yv-su

buffalo ya-ni-sa

bug di-ga-na-wa-li

bug tsi-go-ya

bugleweed a-ni-wa-ni'-s

building a-ne-s-ge-ha

building a-da-ne-lv

bull tsu-ka-nv-s-di-na

bull tsu-ka-na-s-ta-ti

bullet gu-ni

bullet ga-ni

bullet gu-na

bullfrog ka'

bullfrog ka-nu-nu

Bullhead u-s

burden a-s

burn ga-le-yv-sv

burn a-tsi-la

burst u-tsa-lu-ti-di

bury ga-ni-si-ha

bush u-wa-i-tlv-i

business di-ga-lv-wi-s-da-ni-di

but a-se-no

but a-le

butter go-tlv-nv-i

butter go-tlv

butterbeans tsu-ya--no-qua

butterfly ka-ma-ma

butternut go-hi

buttocks ti

button ga-du-di

buy u-wa-s-ga

buzzard su-li

by na-v-i

Alihelisdi!-- Ganag'ati Lowe'di Alahusgi'

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