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Meats and Cheeses

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Imagine a huge brick house with a lot of bricks. Let's just say that the brick house is the protein and the bricks are amino acids.

Different colored bricks

Now imagine, a red brick house, a white brick house, an earth tone brick house and several other brick houses that have different color bricks in different patterns. The different houses are examples of different proteins. They are still proteins, they just have different building blocks, called "amino acids" or different colored bricks. A protein cannot exist without the exact combination of amino acids.

Essential vs. Non-essential Amino Acids

Non-essential amino acids are synthesized (made) in our body, so it is 'not essential' that we obtain these amino acids elsewhere. Essential amino acids we do not make them in our body, which means 'it is essential' that we obtain them from our food. The word non-essential can make it sound as though these amino acids are not necessary or important for healthy living but that is simply not the case. So as you click on the amino acids links on the right, they will say whether they are essential or non-essential. If they are essential, then consider it important that you obtain the amino acids through food or a dietary supplement.

Protein substances in our body

Each living organism is composed of protein and we are a living organism. All of these various forms of protein allow us to maintain life. In our body, protein substances are body fluids (except urine and bile), nails, hair, tendons, ligaments, glands, muscles and our organs. Proteins are also essential for our bones, enzymes, genes and hormones.

No bricks, no house!

Therefore, in order for a protein to be complete, we have to have amino acids. In fact, these proteins MUST contain all of its specific amino acids. It's a natural law and cannot be broken.

Water makes up the largest amount of our body weight, next is protein - made by amino acids.

Enjoy researching amino acids and take care of yourself.


Aspartic Acid

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