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Saturn in Pisces
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Saturn in Pisces - March 7, 2023 until May 24, 2025 and then from September 1, 2025 until February 13, 2026 on DrStandley.com

Don't tell me, let me guess, the first thing you heard about Saturn in Pisces is that it is the worst placement for Saturn.

Maybe you heard it put this way, "The karmic planet meets the karmic sign." Well that's a typical astrologer interpretation. Sounds scary, right?

See the Saturn in Pisces Transiting Degree Calendar here!

Well, have you done something wrong that makes you fear the worst? That would be a typical Pisces reaction. Throwing a word like 'Saturn' at the Pisces energy in your chart could really rattle you.

Truth be told, and I will tell you the Truth, Saturn in Pisces does not manifest Life circumstances as the worst, only if you have been a bad boy or girl. Saturn does not smack you around like an abusive father. He is a proud papa, but if you have been bad, then he has had enough and will throw you in the slammer and then maybe, just maybe you will have a 'Come to Jesus Moment' and straighten-up. That's how Saturn works. So, just how bad have you been?

Having said that, Saturn in Pisces IS NOT the worst placement because Saturn is not in its detriment in the sign of Pisces. Saturn in its detriment would be in the sign of Cancer, which would be in the opposite sign of the natural ruler of Saturn, which would be Capricorn. That why Saturn in Cancer is the detriment. The detriment is the opposite placement of its natural ruling sign. This is NOT the case with Saturn in Pisces.

Further, Saturn in Pisces is also NOT in its 'fall'. The fall placement is the weakest placement, which means this is where you do not have all of the tools necessary to help you. So we can erase this placement off the board too because this is not the case. Saturn in its 'fall' would be in Aries. The 'fall' is opposite of its exaltation. The 'exalted' placement would be in Libra, which is its strongest position. So there you have it, Aries is the opposite of Libra, which makes it the 'fall' placement for Saturn.

Saturn in Pisces IS NOT the worst placement for Saturn. Not even close! Here is the chart that has been on this website for about 20 years called - Dignity and Debility of Planets - Home, Detriment, Exaltation or Fall.

I will break down Saturn in Pisces into bite-size pieces to make this easy to read and easy to understand.

Saturn in Pisces - March 7, 2023 until May 24, 2025 and then from September 1, 2025 until February 13, 2026 on DrStandley.com

First let's address the obvious and what Saturn represents. Notice that Saturn wears a belt. Someone has to be heavy when someone gets out of line. Someone has to be the 'sergeant at arms' during meetings. Someone has to be the 'bailiff' in the courtroom. Someone has to be the 'police officer' who enforces the law. That's Saturn.

Saturn does not look forward to keeping people in line, but he will. His preference is that everyone just act their age and do not break any laws, otherwise Saturn will slide off his belt in one snap and whap some asses. Sometimes he will even leave a welt. Saturn is the father figure, the authority figure and the one in charge like the sergeant or general who tells people want to do.

Above all, Saturn is looking for us to self-discipline ourselves so that he does not have to. He is looking for us to be mature and take responsibility. Saturn is the father figure who LOVES to reward his children, but daddy giveth and daddy also taketh away.

See the Saturn in Pisces Transiting Degree Calendar here!

This is an interesting placement for Saturn because Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius, and the co-ruler of Capricorn which is the highest and most visible part of the chart wheel, which is the 10th house of fame, fortune, status in the community and rank in society. Saturn rules divas, celebrities, those in high places of recognition.

Pisces on the other hand rules the most invisible part of the chart wheel, which is the 12th house. This house sits in the hidden realm, where no one is seen or heard. This would be places like institutions, asylums, hospitals, prisons, jails, penitentiaries, reformatories, monastaries, wards and secret places or secret societies where people are not seen or heard. Places where people are hidden. They are in the invisible realm.

Ooooooooh, Saturn is going to take off his belt and whoop some asses. Did you know that Pisces rules not only secret societies, but literally cabals. Cabals are real. They are literally secret political organizations.

Pisces rules confidential agents, welfare agents, criminals . . . blackmailers, bribers, silent and secret business deals, brotherhoods, clandestines associates, conspiracies, exiled people, secret enemies, swindlers, subversive people, the mob, thieves, smugglers, slaves, and prison guards. Basically all of these people are 'on the take'.

Pisces rules one's downfall, falsehoods, Love affairs, plotting, misfortunes, punishments from crime, self-destruction, suicide, subversion, scandals, smuggling and schemes.

Now tell me dear Astrotators, what do you make of that? Do you think Saturn is ready to swat some asses and take some names? You see, the 12th house of Pisces rules skeletons in the closet, things you don't want people to see or know about you, it is the hidden realm and that which we wish to keep invisible, but Saturn comes from the visible and material plane. Saturn calls the invisible matter to the carpet so it can be visible to all. Does that excite you? Well it should as far as the political system goes.

Saturn has the power to strip one of everything that is dear, if one needs to stripped, or deserves it, or is being punished to surrender and give up their materialism. Remember, Saturn rules Capricorn, which is THE MOST materialistic sign of the zodiac. Those in high places will be stripped of their worldly Goods, collections, power, status and rank.

With regard to the first two (2) Astro Memes below, in the charts of organizations - the 12th house of Pisces rules labor unions, organized and social units, strikes and labor troubles in the organization, secret intelligence departments within an organization and enemies of the organization.

Note, organizations fall under the 11th house, which means the 12th house is 2nd house of the 11th house, which means the 12th house is the organizations money. Saturn is on the scene to hold these organizations accountable for their secret financial dealings, including CONGRESS, as Congress falls under the 11th house. Keep reading . . .

See the Saturn in Pisces Transiting Degree Calendar here!

Saturn in Pisces - March 7, 2023 until May 24, 2025 and then from September 1, 2025 until February 13, 2026 on DrStandley.com Saturn in Pisces - March 7, 2023 until May 24, 2025 and then from September 1, 2025 until February 13, 2026 on DrStandley.com

Saturn in Pisces will show us in real time poverty, homelessness, the poor, poorhouses where the poor are fed and sheltered and the firm squeeze put on the families all over the world. This will not only occur to those you don't know, it will occur to those you do know.

Saturn in Pisces rules 'poor family relatives'. For all of these reasons and more, is why it is so important to prep because you will not only be taking care of the family under your own roof, but those in your family who will lose their own roof. It not only can happen, it will happen.

It is important to understand that those in a position of authority and power over you dropped the ball. THEY DROPPED THE BALL and benefited from your money, collected it all for themselves and left the masses bare (Saturn in Aquarius). Not only are the mighty falling, but they are taking everyone else with them.

Those who have prepared are going to come out of this well and Good, those who have not will likely never recover or have a hard time rebuilding their lives. Since Saturn is in the sign of Pisces, those who are Pisces or you have strong Pisces charts such as Pisces Rising need to double-down. Preparation is the key to survival during these hard times.

Saturn in Pisces - March 7, 2023 until May 24, 2025 and then from September 1, 2025 until February 13, 2026 on DrStandley.com Saturn in Pisces - March 7, 2023 until May 24, 2025 and then from September 1, 2025 until February 13, 2026 on DrStandley.com

If you study or even read Astrology consistently, you may have read about Pisces being a spiritual sign, and the 12th house being a 'spiritual house', and Neptune along with Jupiter being 'spiritual planets'. Since I mentioned Jupiter, it's important to note that Jupiter is the ancient ruling planet of Pisces, while Neptune is Pisces modern-day ruling planet.

Let's consider why Pisces could possibly be such a spiritual sign. Take a peek at the next two (2) Astro Memes that have to do with a 'Come to Jesus'.

Keep in mind the 12th house of Pisces rules - cloistered nuns, cloistered priests, convents, holy water, monastaries, monks, yogis, mysticism, mystics, the occult, nuns and nunneries, spiritualistic churches, not religion churches, spiritual initiations, spiritual counselors and spiritualistic investigations.

Consider the 12th house rulerships I already named above that are easily applied to the first two (2) Astro Memes.

Now consider Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac before the chart wheel begins all over again. This makes Pisces the sign of endings (karma), while Saturn is the planet of endings (karma).

The karmic planet meeting the karmic sign can be quite scary when we are use to, what we are use to. The fear of change or the unknown can be terrifying. What is coming? Pisces is THE MOST fearful sign of the zodiac, which can easily be witnessed by throwing a pebble into the water and seeing the fish suddenly flip their tail and scatter. Was that really a pebble or was it fish food (abundance)?

This is why Pisces is 'The Great Houdini' who can disappear from the visible realm into the invisible realm with a flip of the tail. Hmmmmm, jail kinda works that way, wouldn't you say? Now you see me, now you don't.

No one pulls a greater escape better than Pisces. Think of 'Escape from Alcatraz', the jail, which was located on a small island, of which the three (3) escapees were never found.

Now that we have considered the secret societies and criminals from the first section of writing, now consider the spirituality of this section of writing.

It's no wonder that Saturn in Pisces brings a 'Come to Jesus' to those who have done wrong and lose their freedom, money, Life, sanity and personal possessions through their own self-undoing.

By the way, the 12th house of Pisces is the house of self-undoing, skeletons in the closet, what goes on behind closed doors and what you don't want others to see or know about you.

What are things that go on behind closed doors? Abuse - physical, emotional, mental or chemical, Love affairs, perverted sex, human trafficking, and all of the other wicked and heinous things you can't even imagine that goes on behind one's own doors. By the way, if you are in a Love affair, you will get caught.

During this time, those who have a relationship with God will experience an even stronger relationship with God. Those who are involved in nefarious, sneaky, clandestine and underhanded business or affairs, then Saturn in Pisces will bring them a 'fall to their knees' moment where they may be begging God for forgiveness. In other words, they will have their 'Come to Jesus' promising God everything before they are brought to Justice.

Those who face jail time will be praying their asses off as they have their 'Come to Jesus'. Those who are imprisoned will have a 'Come to Jesus' and realize God is all they have left, so either they finally have a relationship with Him, or not because nothing else is left.

When all is lost or when an individual faces a devastating loss, that is when they realize all they really have for sure, is God. Money comes and go. Possessions come and go. Jobs come and go. People come and go. But God, is forever. God NEVER leaves us, we leave God.

Haven't we heard story after story of criminals going into prison, jail, lock-up, detention and they had a 'Come to Jesus'? Well, isn't that what should happen? Isn't that what we would prefer? What's wrong with that? Why make fun of that? It's a Good thing when a prisoner has a 'Come to Jesus'.

There is a lot to unpack here . . . so you see where I am going with this . . there is so much . . and it's a Good thing! At the end of this transit, three (3) years from now (2026), the world is really going to be a great place, after the whole cast of characters is thrown in prison and/or hung for treason. Keep reading . . .

Saturn in Pisces - March 7, 2023 until May 24, 2025 and then from September 1, 2025 until February 13, 2026 on DrStandley.com Saturn in Pisces - March 7, 2023 until May 24, 2025 and then from September 1, 2025 until February 13, 2026 on DrStandley.com

Now let's address the minimalism of Saturn in Pisces without having minimalism forced on us, or taken from us, through our own self-undoing. Remember the 12th house ruled by Pisces is our own self-undoing. What if instead of waiting until something gets 'bad enough' for us to change, that we just straightened-up and righted things ourselves. Well that would make Saturn a very happy and proud papa. Saturn responds very well to responsibility, maturity and self-discipline. After all, too much of a Good thing, isn't.

At the same time the minimalism of Saturn in Pisces dials down one's Life to focus on what is truly important. As mentioned above, Saturn is a VERY visible planet as it rules the 10th house of Capricorn and public Life, as well as the 11th house of Aquarius (it's ancient ruler), which is friends, group, the masses and organizations. Saturn puts itself OUT THERE. Look at me! You have to be, or should be, a very disciplined and responsible person to be at the center of being seen in the 10th and 11th house. If you can't handle it, then the Universe will wait until you can handle it. It's quite a responsibility to be seen. Be careful what you wish for folks.

Saturn placed in the 12th house of the invisible realm is really an odd setting. THE MOST visible planet in THE MOST invisible sign. Saturn in Pisces. Quite a conundrum don'tcha think?

Think again about WHO Pisces and the 12th house rules - cloistered nuns, cloistered priests, convents, monastaries, monks, yogis, nuns and nunneries, prisoners, those who are hospitalized, reformatories, sanitariums, psyche wards, those who are welfare, unemployment, charities, which is money dictated by someone else.

Oh you betcha, the 12th house is a money house. Money that you do not see like you see salaries and earned income (2nd house) and pensions and investments (8th house).

What do all of these things have in commmon? Jeopardy music plays. Think! What could all of these things have in common?

They are all in a position of having very little material possessions and they are told what they can and can not do, and when they can or can not do it. They are not in control, someone else is. Their TIME is dictated by someone else. Pisces and the 12th house rules the people who are in 'it' and the people who dictate the time.

So you might want to ask yourself, "Do I need my Life dictated by someone else because I can not or will not do it myself?" Saturn in Pisces will do it, if you will not.

What planet is the ruler of time? SATURN! Saturn rules legacy, longevity and time. Saturn is Father Time. He has endurance, stamina and he will hold his ground and stand the test of time. Nothing outlasts Saturn, who has the patience of Job (referring to Job in the Bible). Pronounced Joe-b, not job. Saturn will outlast you and your hard-head and throw away the key while you are busy being tough and obstinate.

We are going to see the bad people who we have been waiting to be brought to Justice, where they will be stripped of everything as both Saturn THE MOST materialistic planet, which rules Capricorn THE MOST materialistic sign, even more than Taurus and Cancer. Capricorn, Taurus and Cancer are materialistic for different reasons. Saturn wants whatever it buys to last, to stand the test of time, and have solid quality. These people who are brought to Justice will have all of their worldly Goods, titles and prized expensive possessions stripped and the key will be throw away.

Saturn in Pisces - March 7, 2023 until May 24, 2025 and then from September 1, 2025 until February 13, 2026 on DrStandley.com

The rest of us, we will find ourselves embracing what is really important, which is each other. We will have less junk in our lives because we are on 'the purge'. The minimalism bug is biting all of us (Saturn in Pisces) and we are ready to get rid of the junk and organize ourselves through - responsiblity, maturity and self-discipline.

So you see folks, Saturn in Pisces is going to put 'the squeeze' on everyone as he tightens his belt. I know so many people who are literally calling businesses like JUST JUNK to have dumpsters delivered to rake out their homes, garages, pole barns, basements and attics. This is the doings of Saturn in Pisces as more and more people embrace minimalism.

The flashy will not be as impressive as the organized minimalist. Quantity becomes less and less important and quality takes over. Those who were on 'the take', will have their entire lives taken. Everything. This is a long transit of three (3) years and by the time Saturn in Pisces is through with this cabalistic lot of people, 2026 is going to be AMAZING!!!

Now folks, before you turn doom and gloom Pisces, if you are not a criminal or involved in nefarious activities, then what is the problem? If you have not been productive, creative, instructive, teachable, reachable and accessable, then maybe you will have a harder time with Saturn in Pisces. Maybe you will have your own 'Come to Jesus' moment if you insist on being difficult and hard-headed. Is that what it takes? Everyone has their own 'Come to Jesus' moment sooner or later. What will it take for your change?

Let's get something straight right now. Neptune in Pisces is NOT FOGGY! He is clear/clair as a damn bell. I wrote all about this the other day. I will link to it later. Only when Neptune is aspected in a challenging way is he foggy, otherwise he is clear as a yogi or monk. Do you know what junk, clutter, stuff, piled possessions and hoarding do to the mind? It creates brain fog! Stop doing this to yourself. Minimize and de-clutter.

Most of you will feel the responsibility, maturity and self-discipline that Saturn in Pisces wants you to have. While some will experience 'Minimalism at its Minimum' (like the above Astro Meme) the rest of us will experience 'Minimalism' (like the Astro Meme below) that is self-induced as we restructure, restabilize and rehab our lives.

Rehab? This brings me to the next sectioned write-up. Rehab, as Pisces and the 12th house rules - addictions, addicts, rehab, etc.

Saturn in Pisces - March 7, 2023 until May 24, 2025 and then from September 1, 2025 until February 13, 2026 on DrStandley.com Saturn in Pisces - March 7, 2023 until May 24, 2025 and then from September 1, 2025 until February 13, 2026 on DrStandley.com

It is time to address the subject matter of mental health. Virgo is Pisces opposite sign and rules the 6th house of physical health, activities of daily living (ADLs), health, hygiene, nutrition, self-care, brushing one's teeth and all of the things that you would do as a daily habit, daily ritual or a daily habitual ritual. The 6th house is the daily grind that you do day in and day. The 6th house requires one to get out and participate in the world and be active.

Pisces rules the 12th house, which is the complete opposite of the 6th house, which is mental health, daily routine and daily habits or rituals that one is told to do by someone's direction'. The habit or ritual is at the behest of another person. They either order one to do something or write orders that others are suppose to follow. In other words, this would be people in the 12th house who are the - head of the sanitarium or reformatory, warden, prison guards, jailer, abbot (head of monks), mother superior or reverand mother, parent in-laws (mother or father), social workers, welfare workers, those who run workhouses, and the like.

Pisces also rules dependency, addiction, addicts, depression, anxiety, bereavement, delusion, mass delusions, one's downfall, fear, invalids, handicaps, grief, loneliness, intoxication, chemical dependency, pain, poisoning, chemistry, drugs, alcohol, self-destruction, self-injury, self-undoing, secret sorrows, suffering, silent sufferers, unhappiness, unexpected or unseen trouble, poverty, welfare, the poor financially and the poor in spirit.

Pisces rules the past and it is Saturn in Pisces where an individual is literally haunted by their past. Wherever they go, there it is, a reminder of who or where they went wrong. There is a mixture of not being able to forgive oneself for all of the misbehaviors and embarrassing scenes, but others cannot forget the past either. It's a vicious cycle. While you try to get over your past, someone else will not let you simply because track records are very telling.

Addictions, depression, mental health, etc., are not only a hard Life for those who suffer from such, but it is hard Life to those who are living so close to the individuals, within the family or literally within the home.

All of these things you have just read in this section, this is precisely why Pisces is so empathetic and sympathetic. No other sign attracts more confused, drunk, warped and in-trouble individuals as Pisces.

Now we have Saturn battening down the hatches and tightening its belt. Straighten-up or shut up! Live right or suffer the consequences.

Saturn has had it with those who can change, but will simply NOT, and will come down hard on the institutions that are supposed to be helping but do not. The vicious cycle will get spanked hard as mental health and addictions finally get the attention and problem-solving it deserves, but it will take time.

It might serve some of you to know that if you think some of these individuals can just straighten-up and be different, well why don't you just straighten up and be different? Who are you?

If someone's addiction bothers you so much, then why don't you stop smoking or stop overeating? Why don't you just stop a bad habit that you have if you think they should just stop. Why don't you just stop a bad habit and see just how hard it is for them to stop an addiction.

It might be worth it to consider that God puts people on this planet for various reasons. Maybe someone's suffering is not for them to learn, maybe it is for you to learn? Maybe it is for others to learn, for a multitude of reasons that we may never know. Consider the meme below. Do not judge. You don't know what storm I've asked her to walk through." ~God

Folks, Life is tough and it certainly is not fair, but maybe, just maybe this Saturn in Pisces will cause you to reflect on your own misdeeds, misbehaviors, delinquincies, shenanigans and mishandlings where you did not consider how your actions and reactions would impact others. Maybe there is something in your Life that you do not handle so well, and that you have never handled well. Maybe its not a chemical addiction or a mental health issue, maybe its financial, maybe its a lack of self-care where you will simply not take care of yourself. Maybe you are not so perfect either.

Remember, the opposite sign of Pisces is Virgo, which thrives on pointing out details, flaws and imperfections. Get paid for that criticism or shut the hell up. Right?

Pisces is THE MOST benevolent, compassionate, empathetic and sympathetic sign. Isn't it interesting to know and consider that the Sun Sign that rules the issue, is the Sun Sign that solves the issue. It's like we have answers in our own backyard. Wow, who'da thunk? Ehhhhhhhhh? God?

I can hear the "yeah but's" now and how I don't know your scene. I don't need to know your scene. No one on this planet is immune to experiencing this part of Pisces in their Life through someone they know, if it's not yourself.

Folks, there are too many scenarios so please don't send me your "yeah but". Surely you are adult enough to see my point here. My point is people have issues and so do you.

What I do know is during this Saturn in Pisces transit, we will all see mental health, addictions, recovery and rehab like we have never seen before. We will see people dial down their lives and start giving up addictions either by choice or through force (court ordered rehab). Heck, some people cannot even go one night of dinner without pouring a glass of wine. Who's the addict?

Note the Astro Meme below of 'vain regret'. Pisces rules the past, so you may find yourself dialing back your Life in your mind's eye and regretting what you did there, then, to who and why. You may wonder where are all of these memories are coming from and why are you thinking about them now? Well, it's Saturn in Pisces. The Universe (God) is giving you a chance to make amends or at the very least, make a connection with God and tell Him that you remember too and that you are sorry. How 'bout that?

If you want the addict or the individual with mental health issues to say they are sorry for all they did, how about you say your sorry for that one little thing that you did? How 'bout that?

Saturn in Pisces - March 7, 2023 until May 24, 2025 and then from September 1, 2025 until February 13, 2026 on DrStandley.com Saturn in Pisces - March 7, 2023 until May 24, 2025 and then from September 1, 2025 until February 13, 2026 on DrStandley.com

Continuing on . . . which is a little oxymoron for this next section because Saturn in Pisces is stuck in the past and finds it difficult to move on or continue on. This can lead to depression, anguish, regret, sorrow, silent suffering and a state of unhappiness without speaking it outloud or sharing such feelings.

Saturn in Pisces can lead to a Life of - coulda, woulda, shoulda, which results in stagnation. A cesspool of stagnant water where fish go to die. This is the dark side of Pisces, which could then turn chemical or alcohol dependency as Pisces rules the chemistry, chemistry, addicts, addictions, Big Pharma aka Big Harmya, distillaries, drunkenness, drunkards, ways to escape (through addiction), imprisoned in the mind or imprisoned physically by what one has done 'in the past', confined to one's own room or a small space, almost as if putting oneself in jail or timeout.

As shown in the two (2) Astro Memes below, I have seen two (2) individuals with the same exact birth dates in the same town and within one hour of each other so they have the same planets. One individual reached out and turned to a Life of loneliness and addiction through spirits (alcohol) and the other individual reached out and chose a Life of service to others with an addiction to Spirit (God). It must be noted and remembered that each individual has 'Free Will' and gets to choose what they will do with their energy.

Saturn in Pisces - March 7, 2023 until May 24, 2025 and then from September 1, 2025 until February 13, 2026 on DrStandley.com Saturn in Pisces - March 7, 2023 until May 24, 2025 and then from September 1, 2025 until February 13, 2026 on DrStandley.com

Saturn is the planet of responsibility, order, stability, maturity, discipline and control. It's really not so much that Saturn wants to do this, it's just that if you will not, Saturn will. If you cannot control you, then Saturn will. If you will not be responsible, then Saturn will take off his belt and teach you a lesson in what a Life void of responsibility entails. Think about it, if you do not wish or want any responsibility, that means that you give that control or responsibility to someone else, even if it involves them telling you want to do. It's a pitiful way to live, but this is the nutshell.

Pisces is symbolized by the two (2) fish swimming in opposite directions. "Which way should I go? Which way should I go?" Pisces is wishy-washy and tends to be 'on the fence' unable to make up their own mind without a little help from their friends. In their action and reaction of going this way, then second guessing themselves and then going that way, Pisces will continue on with the back and forth until they end up chasing their tail, running in circles and worse, running late.

What Saturn will do with Pisces energy is bring order to the chaos. The more unstructured or out of order Life is for Pisces, the more its equilibrium being 'righted' will feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Who in the world wants to be 'righted' (set straight) by someone else, but alas Pisces will find themselves in that very place.

The easy and quickest fix would be to 'right' yourself. Stop the madness, give yourself enough travel time, use a list if you need it and stay in-touch, meaning use communication.

If Pisces used their intuition 'rightly' from the get go, then they would not doubt or second guess anything. Timing is everything and as long as Pisces agrees to live in the swirl (the chaos) then they run the risk of missing their time. Then what happens is the opportunity, chance, abundance, timing, whatever will have to occur later, which was meant to occur earlier. Then into coulda, woulda, shoulda Pisces goes. The Pisces intended goal occurs late, down the road, or worse, not at all.

What I'm Loving is the pretty much guarantee that Saturn in Pisces for three (3) years and Pluto moving into Aquarius on March 25, 2023 for twenty (20) years will straighten out Washington D.C. It won't be pretty. In fact, it will be pretty damn ugly. Folks, let what that looks like be a lesson to you. Saturn in Pisces is bringin' it . . order to chaos because timing is everything.

Saturn in Pisces - March 7, 2023 until May 24, 2025 and then from September 1, 2025 until February 13, 2026 on DrStandley.com Saturn in Pisces - March 7, 2023 until May 24, 2025 and then from September 1, 2025 until February 13, 2026 on DrStandley.com

Finally we get to Saturn in Pisces 'hiding in plain sight' and 'First enLightenment, then the dishes.'

In the beginning of this write-up I mentioned that Saturn was THE MOST visible planet, ruling the 10th house of public Life, which is Life outside of the home and family, and Pisces is THE MOST invisible sign, which resides in the 12th house of the hidden realm.

So what we have here is energy that is hiding in plain sight. You see folks, Saturn is planted at the top of the chart wheel. He is use to being seen, respected and obeyed. Yes, I will use that word 'obey' for Saturn. He is the father figure and will not handle someone smarting off to him, child or adult child. The 10th house is the public Life so to be working behind the scenes is not really Saturn's style. He will find a way to be seen if he has pull down the curtain himself.

It kinda reminds me of the Wizard of Oz who was seen, but not seen. He showed himself as a halogram, even though he was working behind the curtain operating all of the controls. He was exposed for who he was when Toto ran over to him barking and pulled back the curtain.

That very thing is pretty much what we are going to see with the politicians, celebrities and the rest of the elite world. We will get to see what they have been doing behind-the-scenes and how they have been operating from many controls. Not only will Saturn in Pisces show who is in control (the bad guys), but who is really in control (God), we will see how the whole lot of them were hiding and operating in plain sight.

Think of it this way, we see in movies and crime series shows how the bad guy always shows up to watch the scene unfold once the cops arrive. The criminal wants to see and be seen. Saturn is like that. He hides in plain sight, just like criminals do. You must remember this as we move forward.

Not only will you see shocking things that are hiding in plain sight, many will likely hide their valuables or gardens or other necessary Goods in plain sight, which will simply blend in to the scenery.

Saturn in Pisces puts a squeeze on the poor. Pisces rules poverty, the underdog, the underprivileged, the lonely, the needy, charities, poorhouses, halfway houses and places where the needy get their needs met.

Folks, we will see a lot of people suffering, financially, chemically, mentally and in all ways you can imagine. Sadly, we humans have to see the worst and be the worst, before we can become our best. That's how we operate. That's how our humanity is squeezed out of us. We have to be pressed into service like Simon of Cyrene who was plucked out of the crowd to help Jesus carry His Cross.

We will all be pressed into service and sadly, not everyone will make it to the end. By the end, I mean the righting of this helter skelter mad mad chaotic world we have all been living in since before we can remember, which is way before 2020. It was only in 2020 that THEY decided to pull the pin and throw the grenade. It was time. We were sitting ducks and it was time.

So here we are and we need to remember that what THEY are doing is hiding in plain sight. What you see is not what you see. It's what you think you see. Saturn will put the squeeze on what has been hidden and bring enLightenment to the Light of day.

As we go jump through these final hoops, we will not only seek enLightenment, we will gain enLightenment through experience and knowledge, which equals wisdom. No one gains wisdom taking the road less traveled, meaning the easy path. That is not how a sage, erudite or doctor from the School of Hard Knocks earns their wings. They learn the hard way. That is the public right now.

Speaking of the public, also remember that Saturn rules the public and what needs to be known, will be known and brought to the public from behind-the-scenes.

During these difficult times, take the time, meaning literally take the moments to sit and reflect and figure out your next move. Life is going to be very hard, for a lot of people. In the Daily Horoscopes, on my social media, on this website, I have been advising you to #PrepYoAss, meaning get yourself to a place of having and not needing. Get to a place of independence, not dependence. Get to a place of security, not insecurity.

Folks, when sh!t hits the fan, the last thing you should be doing is panicking. You should not need to leave the house to go get anything. If the Lights go out and the grid goes down, you should know where the flashLight is and not to open the refrigerator. You should have a plan.

We are going to be experiencing a lot of chaos, as Saturn seeks to bring order to chaos. It will be like herding cats. As well, Pluto will move into Aquarius on March 25, 2023 which tells us that we will experience and see a lot of death around us. We will see Congress fall. Pluto is going to hit hard in Aquarius, right between the eyes. After this write-up I will begin putting the pieces of all my Pluto in Aquarius daily write-ups into one big write-up, like this one. Pay attention to the teal-colored drop down menu above so you can access that write-up.

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