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North & South Node Calendar
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2023 Void of Course Moon Calendar

If you've been coming to this website long enough then you know that I put a heavy emphasis on the North and South Nodes. If other astrologers do not, I'm okay with that but I do. The North Node is your "Cup Runneth Over" and the South Node is "the drain" . . or "hole in your chart" . . or more popularly known as the "Bottomless Pit". Simply put, when you put energy into your North Node you cannot fail and your cup will run over. When you put energy into your South Node, the energy falls through like a hole in your pocket. No matter how much energy you put into the South Node it will be a drain, like the drain in the bathtub without a stopper and it will become a bottomless pit. The South Node is that which you have already done in past lives and there is absolutely no need to relive it because you already have the experience and knowledge. The North Node is that which you need to migrate to having everything you need (the South Node) to get there. While you may not feel as though you'd be successful living as a North Node (the sign below) . . believe me, you will be because you cannot fail. You can be fearful and not do it because you haven't done it before but you'll always feel a lack or longing to do something and THAT IS your North Node.

Relationships with someone who is the sign of your South Node will also prove to be a drain and it is certainly not a romantic relationship that I would advise. This will also explain why Sun/South Node relationships are nothing but draining to your spirit. Just knowing this information should help ease the energy and take a load off. Have fun with the new calendar. I've posted more information on the Nodes at the bottom of this calendar.

North and South Node e-Book

I wrote an e-book (pic right) called, "Understanding and Using the North and South Node." This e-Book includes Nodal meanings, Nodal basics, Nodal positions and what happens when a certain planet interacts with the North or South Node in your natal chart. I have also included a calendar of dates so you can see where the North and South Node were on a certain date. The e-Book is only $5.00 and personally emailed to you, by me via e-mail, as I do not do automated downloads because I find that type of service very impersonal. What can I say, I am a North Node Virgo and appreciate personal service, even in cyberspace.

Click here to see a picture of what the North and South Node will look like in your Natal Chart.

Where was the North and South Node when you were born?

Copyright 2000-2023: Dr. Loretta J. Standley - All Rights Reserved.
This Calendar was personally created by Dr. Loretta Standley and should not be found on any other website.

August 4, 1871 February 9, 1873 Gemini Sagittarius
February 9, 1873 August 7, 1874 Taurus Scorpio
August 7, 1874 February 4, 1876 Aries Libra
February 4, 1876 October 21, 1877 Pisces Virgo
October 21, 1877 April 17, 1879 Aquarius Leo
April 17, 1879 October 14, 1880 Capricorn Cancer
October 14, 1880 April 17, 1882 Sagittarius Gemini
April 17, 1882 December 28, 1883 Scorpio Taurus
December 28, 1883 June 24, 1885 Libra Aries
June 24, 1885 December 22, 1886 Virgo Pisces
December 22, 1886 August 25, 1888 Leo Aquarius
August 25, 1888 March 5, 1890 Cancer Capricorn
March 5, 1890 September 1, 1891 Gemini Sagittarius
September 1, 1891 February 27, 1893 Taurus Scorpio
February 27, 1893 November 18, 1894 Aries Libra
November 18, 1894 May 11, 1896 Pisces Virgo
May 11, 1896 November 7, 1897 Aquarius Leo
November 7, 1897 May 9, 1899 Capricorn Cancer
May 9, 1899 January 20, 1901 Sagittarius Gemini
January 21, 1901 July 21, 1902 Scorpio Taurus
July 22, 1902 January 15, 1904 Libra Aries
January 16, 1904 September 18, 1905 Virgo Pisces
September 19, 1905 March 30, 1907 Leo Aquarius
March 31, 1907 September 27, 1908 Cancer Capricorn
September 28, 1908 March 23, 1910 Gemini Sagittarius
March 24, 1910 December 8, 1911 Taurus Scorpio
December 9, 1911 June 6, 1913 Aries Libra
June 7, 1913 December 3, 1914 Pisces Virgo
December 4, 1914 May 31, 1916 Aquarius Leo
June 1, 1916 February 13, 1918 Capricorn Cancer
February 14, 1918 August 15, 1919 Sagittarius Gemini
August 16, 1919 February 7, 1921 Scorpio Taurus
February 8, 1921 August 22, 1922 Libra Aries
August 23, 1922 August 27, 1922 Virgo Pisces
August 28, 1922 August 31, 1922 Libra Aries
September 1, 1922 April 22, 1924 Virgo Pisces
April 23, 1924 October 26, 1925 Leo Aquarius
October 27, 1925 April 16, 1927 Cancer Capricorn
April 17, 1927 December 28, 1928 Gemini Sagittarius
December 29, 1928 July 7, 1930 Taurus Scorpio
July 8, 1930 December 28, 1931 Aries Libra
December 29, 1931 July 24, 1933 Pisces Virgo
July 25, 1933 March 8, 1935 Aquarius Leo
March 9, 1935 September 14, 1936 Capricorn Cancer
September 15, 1936 March 3, 1938 Sagittarius Gemini
March 4, 1938 September 11, 1939 Scorpio Taurus
September 12, 1939 May 24, 1941 Libra Aries
May 25, 1941 November 21, 1942 Virgo Pisces
November 22, 1942 May 11, 1944 Leo Aquarius
May 12, 1944 December 2, 1945 Cancer Capricorn
December 3, 1945 August 2, 1947 Gemini Sagittarius
August 3, 1947 January 25, 1949 Taurus Scorpio
January 26, 1949 July 26, 1950 Aries Libra
July 27, 1950 March 28, 1952 Pisces Virgo
March 29, 1952 October 9, 1953 Aquarius Leo
October 10, 1953 April 2, 1955 Capricorn Cancer
April 3, 1955 October 4, 1956 Sagittarius Gemini
October 5, 1956 June 16, 1958 Scorpio Taurus
June 17, 1958 December 15, 1959 Libra Aries
December 16, 1959 June 10, 1961 Virgo Pisces
June 11, 1961 December 23, 1962 Leo Aquarius
December 24, 1962 August 25, 1964 Cancer Capricorn
August 26, 1964 February 19, 1966 Gemini Sagittarius
February 20, 1966 August 19, 1967 Taurus Scorpio
August 20, 1967 April 19, 1969 Aries Libra
April 20, 1969 November 2, 1970 Pisces Virgo
November 3, 1970 April 27, 1972 Aquarius Leo
April 28, 1972 October 26, 1973 Capricorn Cancer
October 27, 1973 July 9, 1975 Sagittarius Gemini
July 10, 1975 January 7, 1977 Scorpio Taurus
January 8, 1977 July 5, 1978 Libra Aries
July 6, 1978 January 5, 1980 Virgo Pisces
January 6, 1980 January 6, 1980 Leo Aquarius
January 7, 1980 January 12, 1980 Virgo Pisces
January 13, 1980 September 24, 1981 Leo Aquarius
September 25, 1981 March 15, 1983 Cancer Capricorn
March 16, 1983 September 11, 1984 Gemini Sagittarius
September 12, 1984 April 6, 1986 Taurus Scorpio
April 7, 1986 May 5, 1986 Aries Libra
May 6, 1986 May 8, 1986 Taurus Scorpio
May 9, 1986 December 2, 1987 Aries Libra
December 3, 1987 May 22, 1989 Pisces Virgo
May 23, 1989 November 18, 1990 Aquarius Leo
November 19, 1990 August 1, 1992 Capricorn Cancer
August 2, 1992 February 1, 1994 Sagittarius Gemini
February 2, 1994 July 31, 1995 Scorpio Taurus
August 1, 1995 January 24, 1997 Libra Aries
January 25, 1997< October 20, 1998 Virgo Pisces
October 21, 1998 April 8, 2000 Leo Aquarius
April 9, 2000 October 12, 2001 Cancer Capricorn
October 13, 2001 April 13, 2003 Gemini Sagittarius
April 14, 2003 December 26, 2004 Taurus Scorpio
December 27, 2004 June 22, 2006 Aries Libra
June 23, 2006 December 14, 2007 Pisces Virgo
December 15, 2007 August 21, 2009 Aquarius Leo
August 22, 2009 March 3, 2011 Capricorn Cancer
March 4, 2011 August 29, 2012 Sagittarius Gemini
August 29, 2012 February 18, 2014 Scorpio Taurus
February 19, 2014 November 11, 2015 Libra Aries
November 12, 2015 May 9, 2017 Virgo Pisces
May 10, 2017 November 6, 2018 Leo Aquarius
November 7, 2018 May 5, 2020 Cancer Capricorn
May 6, 2020 January 18, 2022 Gemini Sagittarius
January 19, 2022 July 17, 2023 Taurus Scorpio
July 18, 2023 January 11, 2025 Aries Libra
January 12, 2025 July 26, 2026 Pisces Virgo
July 27, 2026 March 26, 2028 Aquarius Leo
March 27, 2028 September 23, 2029 Capricorn Cancer
September 24, 2029 March 20, 2031 Sagittarius Gemini

Copyright 2000-2023: Dr. Loretta J. Standley - All Rights Reserved.
This Calendar was personally created by Dr. Loretta Standley and should not be found on any other website.

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While I think it is an important action on your behalf to be keenly aware of your South Node in order to know what sign is a drain to you, I think it's a super bad idea to look up the South Nodes of other people in order to 'figure' them out. Folks, your concern should be figuring out yourself. You should not be interpreting and figuring someone else out until you can figure yourself out. Psychic's, Intuitives and Astrologers who cannot read themselves have no business reading you. PERIOD!

Further, just because someone has the Sun Sign of your South Node does not mean those people are bad people because there are no bad signs. You are not a mistake! We were all created by God in order to walk our own Spiritual Progression Path ™  not to walk their path or point figures on where they are on their path. They are in their stuff at the time they need to be and we are in our stuff in the time that we need to be. The purpose of your South Node is to be aware of it and what you have in your tool kit already. You've been there and done that so stop dumping energy into the South Node. You DON'T need to relearn it. It's experience already learned. You take the South Node as experience and knowledge to be all of your North Node (that which you have yet to do).

I am a South Node Pisces but this in no way makes Pisces bad people. That's a ridiculous thought and it's not fair to yourself. My earthy father (dad) is my South Node (Pisces) and I am his South Node (Gemini). Oh it took some time folks to learn this dance but that's precisely why I can help you. I firmly believe that's why God chose me to have this South Node dynamic so I could 'GET IT' and help others realize they can still dance . . . just not too closely. (winky wink) But the information serves you so well because you can take all of that dynamic and channel it into your North Node. Even more, I'm a Gemini and Pisces squares (challenges) Gemini (ME!). I wasn't going to be able to help others understand this dynamic until I was able to do it myself and make it work for ME! That's fair, right? Heck, would you want me to interpret your Nodes if I couldn't do it for myself?

You will find parents, siblings and close relationships the sign of your South Node but it doesn't mean you dump your energy into them. You can dance in the same room with these people but not up close and personal. I once had a 12 relationship with a man who I was his South Node (Gemini). That was such a drain and it took 12 years for us to break the cycle and get out of it. He's happy now and I'm happy now. GOOD FOR US! Again, I believe that dynamic played such a long role in my Life so that I can understand it and help you interpret your Nodes. There is to be no button pushing allowed on South Nodes because the elevator only goes down. Romantic relationships and parents who are the sign of your South Node are probably the most draining. Don't milk these relationships past what they are or try to squeeze something out of them that's not there. Relax, listen and observe. They are on their path and you are on yours! I'm a lucky sort when it comes to my South Node Pisces because my Part of Fortune (which is like having another Jupiter in your chart) is also in Pisces and takes a fantastic load off my draining Pisces and shoots me up like a drug with intuition off the charts. It's insane!

In this lifetime, as a North Node Virgo I've had to take from the spiritual realm (Pisces) and inject it in the physical realm (Virgo). That's what puts me in faithhealing, faithkeeper and metaphysican status. When all Faith is lost, I can bring you back around into making it work on the physical level. South Node Pisces people are fantastico when it comes to creating from the invisible plane into the visible plane . . PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION BABY!!!

So here's the bottomline --- Do what your North Node tells you! My North Node is in Virgo, which rules the 6th house of health, doctors, daily routine, accounting, science, engineering and anything that requires an earthy exacting science. Oh lookie there -- drstandley.com!!! . . and surely by now you've seen how I've taken my South Node Pisces (spiritual side) and used it as solid experience from past lives into this lifetime. Spirituality is all over this website, which I've channeled into the physical world and into HEALTH!!! Oh lookie again -- drstandley.com!!! Folks, I'm a straight rational shooter (Gemini gift) and I'll load you up with ideas to channel your experience and knowledge into your North Node. Whether or not you do it is merely a choice. The North Node is that which you haven't yet done but will be majorly awesome at it if you just do it. The North Node is where your cup runneth over. I wasn't drstandley.com until I did it! I trusted that the North Node was my destiny (destination) even though I never did it . . until I did it. Oh lookie there -- drstandley.com!!!

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