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When Your Ego is Bigger Than You

Monday - June 26, 2023

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Hypocrisy Definition on DrStandley.com

Well I'm back in the saddle after having been away on a well-earned vacation with my Scorpion King. Some of you may have read, and some of you may not have read, at the very bottom of the Daily Horoscopes June 10 - 13, 2023 there was a little blurb that pretty much said I was busy and would have not have any available appointments until Friday - June 23rd and then not again until Monday - June 26th. That was my way of saying, "I'll be out-of-pocket, Good luck getting a hold of me."

That space-in-time between June 13 and June 23rd I was in Nevada with my Scorpion King. We spent the night and had ribs with my grandson's dad the night before because it was closer to the airport and would save us an hour since our plane left at 6:00 AM. When we arrived in Las Vegas we rented a convertible and immediately went on a road trip to Red Rock Canyon and had a lunch in Blue Diamond, since we could not check-in until 3:00 PM. After check-in, we roamed around to get to know the hotel and then met up with my longest client and website visitor turned friend 'Kimberly Panfil'. She was literally the first visitor to contact me through my website. Kimberly treated the Scorpion King and I to a juicy steak dinner at Rustic House. The next night we saw a magic show 'Shin Lim' at the Mirage who we saw on AGT (America's Got Talent).

We spent three (3) nights in Las Vegas with each day 'road-tripping'. The following weekend we road-tripped to Laughlin, Nevada and road-tripped everyday while there to Oatman, Nevada (ghost town, tourist trap, roaming burros), Joshua Tree Forest, Lake Havasu, California, the Skywalk at the East Rim of the Grand Canyon and we pulled into a State Park (can't remember which one) to swim for a few hours, like we did at Lake Havasu where we played horseshoes on the beach.

Folks, I have sky-dived (free fall, not tandem), parasailed, hang glided, bungy jumped out of a hot air balloon and pushed a baby out of my womb. Ya' know, 10 cm is only 3.93701 inches. RIGHT?!?! I even took flying lessons for quite a while and then stopped when it came time to solo. No kidding! But the scariest dang thing I have EVER VOLUNTARILY DONE and accomplished, was walking around the horseshoe of the Skywalk at the East Rim of the Grand Canyon. It felt like my pelvic floor was going to drop 4,000 feet to the ground. I could barely move my feet. Wholly Moly Mama! I had hives for three (3) months anticipating delivering my baby knowing I would have to push a head AND SHOULDERS out of my womb. LOL! The skywalk has now beaten delivering a baby as the scariest thing I have ever voluntarily done.

Hypocrisy Definition on DrStandley.com

On Monday, June 26th we road-tripped back to Las Vegas and checked back into the same hotel we were at previously. On the way back to Vegas we stopped at Hoover Dam, which we have both been to many times, but still enjoyed seeing the changes over the few years since we've been there. The next day we road-tripped up to Zion National Forest in Utah and stopped at Fire Canyon. We did take time to spend a day on the Las Vegas strip and enjoy the MEGA-MONSTER FERRIS WHEEL that was nearly as scary as the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon, but did not beat pushing a baby out of me. Our favorite place to play Keno is downtown at the former Fitzgerald's, now called 'The D'. We always have the best time there.

Now here's the thing about the title of this post: The Hypocrite Within - When Your Ego is Bigger Than You. It is my belief that we are all hypocrites in what we say, do, believe and show, some more than others. And I absolutely do take the time to check 'the hypocrite within' myself. I'm great in some areas and not-so-great in others, but I do my best to keep my hypocritical behavior, mentality, attitude and character to a decent level of being checked. I think it's impossible not to be a hypocrite simply because humans are flawed beings and if we were perfect we sure as hell wouldn't be here trying to fix, repair, digest, get-through and handle Life. If we were complete with our time here, then we would turn to Light and leave the planet because our work would be complete. As human 'beings' when we have achieved the end of our 'doings', then POOF, we will be gone. But here we are. Still here.

Having said that, while at anytime, while on vacation or not, with my Scorpion King, friends, family, which is pretty much those I Love, I absolutely WILL NOT sit on my phone and scroll social media and disregard the company I keep. If I am on my phone while with anyone, it is because something came up in conversation, and one, or both of us, are looking something up. Other than that, I will NOT be mesmerized, captivated, sucked-into and spellbound to social media, more than the person I am with at the time. Folks, it just isn't going to happen.

I make no secret about it that I cannot stand META (FB) as they are a spying, lying, censoring, cruddy, greedy and shamelessly unfair and cheating platform. So why would I give them any more of my time other than the time that I use them to drive traffic to my website? I am deliberate in the way 'I choose to use them'. I gotta keep my hypocritical self in check, even with them.

Plus, I know if God did POOF me off the planet, the planet will still turn tomorrow and the grass will continue to grow through God's Perpetuating Cycle. Then my daughter will pop on to my social media accounts and say, "Time to celebrate mom's poofy graduation!" Life will go on and you will start following another astrologer or holistic health doctor, which you probably do anyway, if you are into the things I am into. Birds of a feather baby.

And if anything happened to me other than POOFING back to God, I would not be blasting it on FB and asking for prayers. Do you know why? Because not everyone is rootin' for your Goodness, nor are they in your corner. There are some humans, beings, and entities who are just waiting for you to announce to the Universe that you are having a hard time and then they will get on board with that and throw dark chi' at you.

Do you know how hard it is to get people just to share posts, much less ask them to pray for you? Please!

Who the heck can get their close friends and family to share posts. LOL. We're all guilty. All of us.

Folks, you gotta do your best, to be your best, in your own little world, and check yourself to keep yourself humble. Otherwise you could end up bitching, complaining, nagging and whining, only building negative chi' and lactic acid in your own body, unable to heal your muscles, joints, diseases, conditions, syndomes, ailments, aches and pains. Good luck with that. You have to be humble folks.

A complaining tongue reveals an ungrateful heart on DrStandley.com

Bitching, complaining, nagging and whining create 'inflammation' because those are 'inflamed feelings'. Anything that ends in 'itis' means 'inflammation of'. That's a fact! So if you cannot heal, check your hypocritical self (ego) first and see if you are fanning the flames (inflame-ation).

When you believe certain things, then be brave enough to allow your actions to follow your words and beliefs, otherwise you will find yourself living a confused hurtful Life. Hurting yourself and others. Heck, if you cannot stand by your words and beliefs, what makes you thinks others will stand in those words and beliefs with you. Why should they?

Having said all of that, it's been a while since I shared any of my personal Life on social media, and in particular META (Fakebook) or Instagram, who have shady rules, regulations, guidelines and censoring policies in place. I am very self-aware of who I am and my own hypocritical (ego) behaviors, even though I still wear my N-ke sh!tty shoes, and I am proud of the fact that I can own me and check myself so the Universe does not have to do it for me.

While I'm okay with me, there will always be someone who is not okay with me, and I'm okay with that, since I'm pretty clear that as sarcastic as I am (Capricorn Moon), my spirit is not mean or cruel. Mean and cruel is definitely not me. Sarcastic, sassy, mouthy, fiesty and unafraid to speak up, ya' got me there. I own it. Still, I gotta stay humble. We are flawed beings. Hypocrites! And it's hard not to be. Drink your water, meaning throw water on the flames and keep yourself cooled and humbled because inflammation possesses four (4) properties - heat (calor), pain (dolor), redness (rubor), and swelling (tumor).

Warrior Two to Fierce Warrior to Humble Warrior on DrStandley.com

When I teach yoga and we do fierce warrior pose, it is basically Warrior II (Virabadrasana II aka Vira II) with your arms clasped behind your back with your knuckles pressed to the mat, heart pressing forward with no armor, no shield, no weapons, and no protection. Just an open heart and a sassy mouth. Fully exposed. Then I guide the yogi's to humble their warrior so that the Universe does not have to do it for us. That's when the yogi dips their shoulder to the inside of the front knee on the same side. Humble yourself, so the Universe does not have to do it for you.

Since the whole N-ke kneeling thing, I did not burn my N-ke's, but I do wear them in the river. I wear them when playing horseshoes because the pits are clay. I wear them when I garden. They are my sh!t shoes. If I was really True to my beliefs, then I suppose I would throw them out or burn them, but I'm a Capricorn Moon, I don't spend Good hard earned money and waste it. So I use them as my cruddy sh!tty shoes, even though by my own words, it's hypocritical (ego) of me to criticize N-ke and then wear their sh!tty shoes.

Once returning back home on the red-eye, we landed at 5:00 AM, Uber'd back to my grandson's dad's house and picked up the car and drove home. We slept until 12:30 PM and then played in a horseshoe tournament Friday evening. Still figuring we were on vacation on Saturday, the Scorpion King and I spent the day together out in the yard, myself tending to the gardens and doing laundry and hanging clothes on the clothesline.

Incidentally, our cat lady did a great job at the gardening and tending to the cats.

Then Saturday night we went out and saw 'Bert Kreischer' and eight (8) other comedians that were touring with him. Funny show! Our girls (my daughter and her wife) gifted the Scorpion King with this comedic show for Father's Day since he is now their father figure. Sweet huh?

When your loyalty isn't strong enough on DrStandley.com

So back to 'the hypocrite within', over the course of my Life, when someone gets angry/mad at me and says, "Loretta, you think you ________", then I let them rattle on without interrupting because that's where you will find out what that person really thinks of you when they are not mad at you. They harbor and brew what they really think of you until they are angry.

Folks, they are telling you what they think of you, not what you think of you. The individual will likely never tell you what they really think of you unless angry. Now you know what that person thinks, for sure. All that time, not one word until they became upset. No word before that to clear what they were feeling before the dramatic feeling dump. Who is the hypocrite? Pay attention and listen. You don't even have to comment back. Just listen and then you get to choose how close you want to be to that individual. Not the other way around.

I can give you a million examples of hypocritical (ego) behaviors that we all catch ourselves in, but you are in charge of you checking yourself and humbling yourself. If this post rubs you the wrong way, maybe a self check-in will serve a Good purpose.

Hypocrisy Definition on DrStandley.com

According to the American Philosophical Quarterly in the first meme above there are four (4) forms of hypocrisy that should emerge in perceptions of the self and others' - Inconsistency, Pretense, Blame and Complacency. Wow! And I just went through a couple of examples here, while tying-in our vacation and my N-ke tennis shoes, which I suppose would have fallen under 'inconsistency' since I still wear the shoes and post on FB. Still, I'm doing my best to limit my hypocritical behavior to the barest of minimum, but nonetheless, I'm still a hypocrite.

So while I don't preach to save dogs and then support killing babies (abortion) . . . or eat vegetarian and then drive a car with leather seats (I'm a meat eater and have leather seats) . . . or drive an electric car with a lithium-ion battery and teach Kindergarten . . . by the way, lithium-ion batteries are mined by children . . . I am a full-blown full-throttle fist pumping Bible thumping Jesus Loving Christian and just got back from 'Sin City' (Las Vegas) . . . I'm doing my best to keep my hypocritical self in-check when it comes to a lot things, including social media and making certain that social media does not come between me and any of my relationships because I truly do enjoy all the company that I keep.

Folks, take it easy on each other, lest you find yourself dangling in hypocritical (ego) behavior criticizing the very thing in someone that you have done as an earlier version of yourself, and quite possibly, a current version of yourself.

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