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Dr. Loretta Standley is a retired Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and a current Yoga studio owner and teacher.  She is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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Jupiter is in Aquarius from Dec. 19, 2020 - May 13, 2021 and then from July 28, 2021 - Dec. 28, 2021 on DrStandley.com

JUPITER OPPORTUNITY - December 19, 2020 until May 13, 2021 and July 28, 2021 until December 28, 2021. The time span between May 13, 2021 and July 28, 2021 is when Jupiter will move into Pisces for a brief stay and then return to Aquarius under Retrograde (Rx) status until December 28, 2021 at 11:09 PM EDT where it will then return to Pisces.

Jupiter in Aquarius is THE MOST freedom-loving planet in THE MOST freedom-loving sign. This placement of Jupiter seeks freedom at-all-costs. Nothing is more important to Jupiter in Aquarius than 'freedom'. I have Jupiter in Aquarius in my natal chart and I always say that ALL of my decisions, every last one of them, is based on how it impacts my freedom. My first consideration is how something impacts my freedom whether it is - Love, money, career, hours that I work, my weekends, relationships with family, friends, romance, my yoga teaching schedule, my businesses, etc. Other than God, there is truly nothing more important to me than my freedom. I can say this without hesitation or reservation.

Jupiter in Aquarius REQUIRES so much freedom that it is usually alone most of the time because it does not want to be dependent on anyone, nor does it want anyone dependent on it. Wherever I go, I prefer to drive so that I do not find myself at the mercy of others or in a position where I would be stuck and unable to move at my pace at will. We were just talking about this yesterday (among friends) where I can be completely alone for days, even weeks, and not talk to one single soul. My motto is - "I say who, want, when, where, why, how much, how long and what time." This is another reason why all of my friends are super-independent.

Even when I do phone readings, I ALWAYS call the client instead of the client calling me. Just in case someone is not as exacting on time as I am, I do not want to wait for them to call me. Oh hell no. I make the phone call because I know that I will be on time, keeping my freedom and choices intact. If I have to wait for you before I can leave or go, then I see that as impacting my freedom. I'm telling you, I can turn anything into 'about my freedom.'

Jupiter is in Aquarius from Dec. 19, 2020 - May 13, 2021 and then from July 28, 2021 - Dec. 28, 2021 on DrStandley.com

Jupiter in Aquarius is an intellectual in the air sign (Aquarius) and thinks miles outside and away from the box. Aquarius is a fixed sign, which provides some groundedness, but all the same, Jupiter in Aquarius is open to input, ideas and fresh perspectives. Do you know why? Because it means 'choice' and choices mean 'freedom.' Jupiter in Aquarius is so far away from being inside of a box that it's not even close to an option. Jupiter in Aquarius has at least 10 options to solve 1 problem and has them all thought through. In fact, this is another reason why this placement is often found alone, because they are ahead of their own time. While everyone else is fumbling around trying to figure out what to do, this placement already thought it through and did it, which is often years ahead of the curve. So again, this placement is alone contemplating what is next.

Jupiter in Aquarius also seeks education and then some. Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius, which rules the 9th house of the higher-thinking mind, college, universities, advanced studies and foreign travel. Jupiter and Sagittarius are both well-known as the globetrotter and the studious one. If Jupiter in Aquarius is not well-read, then it is well-traveled, as both are forms of higher-education, they just show up differently. A well-read person will have a lot of schooling, education, degree(s) under their belt, while a well-traveled person will have traveled well within their own country and also around the world a time or two or three. If you have ever read my bio, I'm a classic example of Jupiter in Aquarius.

This placement is also well-known for being a know-it-all. Remember, Jupiter e-x-p-a-n-d-s whatever it touches and when touching Aquarius, who carries the motto "I know therefore I am", then you can only imagine the level of know-it-all this placement holds. I remember back in the day on my former political radio show a caller barked out at me, "YOU THINK YOU KNOW EVERYTHING!" I replied, "No I don't. I just need to know a little bit about everything." (winky wink) I know, I can be such a smart ass. That's my Moon in Capricorn.

Jupiter in Aquarius has a wide circle of friends, which is more like acquaintances with a smaller, tighter circle of super-independent-non-needy-and-non-dramatic-friends. Others may see a Jupiter in Aquarius person as their close friend, but the Jupiter in Aquarius person will see that same person as an acquaintance. I remember seeing a classmate from high school respond to a post that said, "Who did you hang out with in High School" and this person named me as one of those people. I thought, "No you didn't." I have absolutely no recollection of ever having spent one social moment with this person, much less classifying us as "hanging out". But that's the energy of Jupiter in Aquarius. Many will believe themselves to be a friend of the one with Jupiter in Aquarius, but the feeling is not mutual in that way. Jupiter in Aquarius is clear on the difference between acquaintance and friend.

This placement is also incredibly inventive and innovative. It is ahead of the curve and usually has the attitude of "Been there done that" having figured it all out before anyone else even gets going on the same path. This placement is already saying, "What's next?" Jupiter in Aquarius will take risks and will break a few rules on the way or at the very least, push the envelope. Interesting that I type that because as a Jupiter in Aquarius individual, I always say, "I won't break the rules, but I will definitely push the envelope and make you nervous." Then I think about it for a second longer and have to agree, yeah yeah, so a rule gets bent or breaks. It probably needed to.

Jupiter in Aquarius knows no class, racial or religious distinction. While a Jupiter in Aquarius person might belong to a certain class, race or religious distinction, these individuals will not treat people differently, as in 'special' because of that group, class or skin color. You believe what you believe, but you will still be treated the same as the next person. "Pass the salt" is said the same no matter who you are. Jupiter in Aquarius knows that everyone pulls down their pants and uses the restroom the same way, so lets not act like we are so different than one another.

When it is all said and done, no matter how many people are gathered around you on your last day, it will really just be you and God alone together, and then either that day or the next day, other people will be going through your stuff. That's just a fact. It's best to work your Life toward impressing God first rather than bragging to others who you think you are or before you go looking for recognition and praise from total strangers on Instagram. They aren't your friends! That's coming straight from the fingertips of a Jupiter in Aquarius person.

Bragging to a Jupiter in Aquarius individual will not get you into their inner circle because of the 'better than thou' attitude. Remember, this placement knows you pull your pants down the same as everyone else. If you brag too much to Jupiter in Aquarius, you better believe they will let you pick up the check every damn time just to teach you a lesson.

I believe because I have Jupiter in Aquarius natally is what has drawn so many celebrities to my phone readings because I do not have the character of being 'stark struck'. I don't care how famous or important you believe yourself to be, or how much power you think you have, or what you own, when it all comes down to it, you still pull your pants down the same way as the rest of us and will end up alone with God on your last day. Fact!

This transit of Jupiter knows that everyone still has to pay their bills, still has issues with family members, still has career issues or employee drama, still has to buy toothpaste and brush their teeth, still has to manage the calendar, still has to manage their own health (or not) and shop for groceries. Even if you have a cleaning person, you still have to clean up after yourself. Ohhhhh, we are so much more alike than different.

Remember, Jupiter is the higher octave of the Moon. The Moon rules our emotions, feelings, moods and sensitivities. Aquarius is a rather cold, distant and emotionally aloof sign. This placement knows a helluva lot of people and will keep the majority of them at a nice friendly arm's distance. This placement is super-friendly, approachable and reachable, but you cannot penetrate their inner circle.

It is safe to say that Jupiter in Aquarius is non-judgmental in the color, creed and race department, as Jupiter rules high-courts and Aquarius rules the wide circle of connections and throws everyone on the same playing field. You better believe, if there is a natural disaster, personal belongings will get scattered and strewn about the same whether you are rich or poor and suddenly human Life will take on a more important role than grandma's vase. Having said that, you probably will not find Jupiter in Aquarius clinging to personal possessions like a Life raft. Even more, Jupiter in Aquarius probably won't be joining any 'color movements'. Everyone gets treated the same.

"To each their own", says Jupiter in Aquarius, "Just don't force your Life, belief, insecurities or rules on me." Jupiter in Aquarius does not really give a damn what skin color you have, they want to know - if you are coming or going, if you want mustard or ketchup, if you want sweetened or unsweetened tea, what time is it, etc.

Do what you want, but do not make choices that will impact the Jupiter in Aquarius because that's when we will have the problem. As we move into this widening energy of 'freedom at all costs', it will be interesting to see how the masses take to being locked down again or having to wear masks again or being restricted again. Remember, Saturn is also in Aquarius, which also restricts our freedom. Back in March 2020 when Saturn first entered Aquarius, that is when 'social distancing' came into our vocabulary and when we were made aware of COVID. It was back then I wrote that we will practice social distancing throughout the Saturn in Aquarius transit, which will be until March 8, 2023.

Jupiter in Aquarius is a humanitarian, it cares about 'all people' . . . again, no matter what color or gender you are, Jupiter in Aquarius does not give a damn. Can you pick up the shovel? Can you help? Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?

Watch, we will keep moving in and out of social distancing, not because we have to, but because of the fear that has been placed inside the mind. Rock and metals are not the hardest things on the planet . . . it is the mind.

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