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Dr. Loretta Standley is a retired Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and a current Yoga studio owner and teacher.  She is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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Your 'Sun Sign' describes where the Sun was at the exact moment that you were born and describes how you will shine in Life.

KEYWORDS: Shine, strength, will, dominate, individuality, spirit, creative energy, children, power, masculine, paternal, authority, leadership, ambition, pride, self-expression, determine and confidence.

You were born during a particular calendar month, so the Sun was moving through a particular sign (constellation). This same constellation shows up at the same point in time every year, therefore it is your Sun Sign a.k.a. Zodiac Sign.

  • Sun in Cancer
  • Sun in Leo
  • Sun in Virgo
  • Sun in Libra
  • Sun in Scorpio
  • Sun in Sagittarius
  • Sun in Capricorn
  • Sun in Aquarius
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  • Sun in Aquarius on DrStandley.com AQUARIUS - "I KNOW, THEREFORE I AM."

    The Sun moves into Aquarius on Saturday - January 20, 2024 at 9:07 AM EST until Sunday - February 18, 2023 at 11:13 PM EST.

    Everyone has Aquarius in their natal chart . . EVERYONE! Even if your sun sign is not Aquarius, you still have Aquarius somewhere in your natal chart. Depending on where Aquarius lands in your chart, this would be the type of energy you would bring into that house.

    Notice that the glyph for Aquarian's represents two curvy lines. These lines are often mistaken for water and it is thought that Aquarius is a water sign, which is NOT true. Aquarius is an air sign and when the wavy lines are pictured with the symbol of the woman, the woman is pouring energy out of the vessel and not water. Aquarius naturally rules the 11th house of social organizations, masses of people and friends. For this reason, they are natural born social reformers and they march to the beat of their own drum.

    The Sun in Aquarius Transiting Degree Calendar on DrStandley.com

    Aquarian's are friendly, outgoing, self-expressive, disseminates knowledge, expresses through sizable groups of people, less likely to budge from preconceived ideas although progressive in outlook, original, inventive, intellectual, independent, idealistic, revolutionary, loving, caring expressed more in groups than through individuals and freedom-loving. Aquarians are humanitarians, innovative, group conscious, progressive and enjoy serving others. They can be rebellious, eccentric, aloof, emotionally superficial and overly-extroverted.

    The Sun in Aquarius shows favoritism toward group efforts. The Sun in Aquarius is the best time for Companies to offer a moral building retreat for their employees. There is probably no better time of the year to get the employees together for a motivational pep-talk. In fact, since Aquarius is the visionary of the zodiac because they rule 'the future', hopes and wishes, this is also the best time to go on a spiritual retreat or a vision quest. Geez, you just can't beat the energy!

    The energy during this period of time has everything to do with making friends, communicating within groups, networking in social media or at social gatherings or building new associations and contacts. This is a 'group effort' mentality when the Sun moves into Aquarius. This is the time where you will notice there is an overall concern or a universal concern where a meeting of the minds comes together.

    All too often the Aquarian motto of "I know therefore I am" is mistaken for just knowledge. Certainly there is an element of knowledge with this sign as Aquarius who tends to know a little about everything. There is no doubt about it, these are the people you will want to stack your table with at the next trivia night. But there is more to "I know therefore I am." Remember, Aquarius is the social butterfly of the zodiac, so it's not just want they know, it's WHO they know. Aquarius has connections! The glyph for Aquarian's is represented by two curvy lines. These lines are often mistaken for water and it is thought that Aquarius is a water sign, which is NOT true. Aquarius is an air sign and when the wavy lines are pictured with the symbol of the woman, the woman is pouring energy (or knowledge) out of the vessel and not water.

    Sun in Aquarius on DrStandley.com

    Aquarian's are rather impersonal emotionally and are well known for being rather aloof and distant. It would be fair to say that Aquarian energy is detached, not attached. Remember, they have a wide circle of friends so attempting to cling to them is not going to work. Aquarian's will shake you loose if you lock on. Further, asking an Aquarian what they are doing or where they have been is even a bit too clingy, so having your own Life and not clinging to their Life is probably the best idea for all concerned. Even though Aquarian's are distant emotionally their energy sure can be like swiss cheese, meaning it is laced with holes. Picture a circle of people holding hands. The larger the circle gets the more holes in the circle. Small circles of people are tighter, large circles of people create big gaps and this is what makes an Aquarian's energy so easy to infiltrate. Anyone can get in, even those who shouldn't.

    Stimulating conversation with an Aquarian is a required or you will be discarded. It's as simple as that. Aquarius certainly has the chops for stirring up a revolution or creating a rebellion against the establishment. Freedom in all forms means everything to an Aquarius, which further feeds their 'do not cling to me' posture.

    Aquarian's have friends from both sexes so if you are the jealous type, do not, and I mean DO NOT expect them to give up their male or female friends for you. The Aquarian will give you up before they cease contact with a friend. If an Aquarian says they are just friends, that is absolutely the case. At the same time, when it comes to Aquarian's in a relationship, their absolute perfect mate will be their friend first and then their Lover and then their marriage partner. Aquarian's need to be married to their best friend. Period! Click your Sun Sign below to read more about your Sun Sign.

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