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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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Venus in Capricorn has an intense desire for material wealth and standing in the community on DrStandley.com

Venus moves into Capricorn on Tuesday - January 23, 2024 until Friday - February 16, 2024. Venus transits a Sun Sign right at about every 30 days and sometimes up to 60 days depending on its motion, meaning if it involves a Retrograde or not. If a Retrograde is not involved with Venus in a calendar year, then it can make its way through all 12 Sun Signs in one year.

Venus is naturally the co-ruler of Taurus (2nd house) and Libra (7th house). The 2nd house rules self-worth, earned income, personal possessions, value system, morals, values and one's own thoughts regarding sex, including masturbation. The 2nd house also rules banks, banking and personal debt. The 7th house rules committed relationships, marriages, contractual unions, agreements, partnerships, law, judgment, open enemies with the public (lawsuits), litigation and legal binding agreements and/or negotiations.

The Venus glyph is the upright symbol of Mars, where Venus is feminine (yin) energy and Mars is masculine (yang) energy. It is represented by the circle of spirit over the cross of matter. It represents the spirit overcoming matter through Love. Venus is the yin side of our emotional nature and rules Love, beauty, harmony, affection, appreciation, sensual, vanity, flirtatious, art, music and aesthetics.

Venus in Capricorn - Tuesday, January 23, 2024 until Friday, February 16, 2024 on DrStandley.com

Here is a nice little piece of Venus trivia for you. Venus will never be more than two Sun Signs away from the Sun. This means someone who has their Sun in Capricorn, will have their Venus within 2 Sun Signs on either side of Capricorn or it will be in the sign of Capricorn. This means there are five possibilities that a Capricorn Sun Sign individual might have their -- Venus in Scorpio, Venus in Sagittarius, Venus in Capricorn, Venus in Aquarius or Venus in Pisces. This helps you guess someone's Venus even if you don't know their exact birthdate but you know their Sun Sign. You can rule out Venus in the opposite sign (Cancer) or the three signs on each side Cancer (Aries, Taurus and Gemini) and (Leo, Virgo and Libra). Cool huh?

Since the planet Venus is in the sign of Capricorn right now, the subject matter falls under the 10th house of career, public standing, authority figures, the father, parenthood, military, rank in society and recognition outside of your home and family. Now when you couple Venus, the planet of beauty, music, Love and self-worth and personal possessions with the sign of Capricorn then this creates an attraction for the finer things in Life, including attaching ourselves to those who have the finer things in Life to offer us.

Venus in Capricorn - Tuesday, January 23, 2024 until Friday, February 16, 2024 on DrStandley.com

This is why those who have Venus in Capricorn in their natal charts will often be attracted to those who have established wealth and prestige. Often times those with Venus in Capricorn will marry for money rather than Love. Certainly Love is involved but it is usually the one with established wealth and rank in society that makes the one with Venus in Capricorn attracted to them. This is where someone will marry above their own station in Life. And since Capricorn is the sign of the father, authority figures and father figures, then a woman is likely to marry someone much older or father-like. Venus in Capricorn also causes someone to marry later in Life rather than waste their time with an un-established individual.

Venus in Capricorn also LOVES TO WORK! Often times those with Venus in Capricorn in their natal chart will feel as if they were BORN TO WORK! Those with Venus in Capricorn will probably choose an hour of work and accomplishment over an hour of sex any day of the week.

While Venus is in Capricorn we will all be looking at our own desire for material wealth and standing in the community, especially in the house of Capricorn in our natal chart. This placement causes wealth to give us emotional security. On the dating scene, this will cause a spike in places that have prestige, like expensive restaurants or areas of entertainment such as live theater, the symphony or musicals.

Venus in Capricorn - Tuesday, January 23, 2024 until Friday, February 16, 2024 on DrStandley.com

Venus in Capricorn does not like PDA (public displays of affection) so it will be interesting to see the reaction of ourselves and the public at large when we see others engage in PDA. GET A ROOM PEOPLE! This type of behavior is beneath Venus in Capricorn. This is also the placement of the goddess or diva and those with Venus in Capricorn in their natal chart will have more goddesslike chiseled features. A man with this placement in his chart will be attracted to a goddess. No doubt about it! A man with Venus in Capricorn will only be attracted to a goddess.

Always think of Venus like the Greek word 'philo', which means Love of something. Capricorn is the sign of career, profession, vocation, calling and occupation. Capricorn (10th house) rules the worker-bee aka workaholic, which shows up as one's work ethic and how they go about reaching the summit or the top of the corporate ladder. For Capricorn, there is only one way, which is UP.

Capricorn works like a bee because their 'philosophy of work' or 'work ethic' says that their value system of working hard is worthy of reward. If they work hard, they will be rewarded. Capricorn can really hang in there for extremely long periods of time patiently awaiting their reward.

For Capricorn, it's not necessarily the money that is the reward as much as it is being at the top of one's profession, but yet it is the money because money serves as a simple measuring stick of their success. Maybe its not that way for everyone, but for Capricorn, it is. You can throw personal possessions (materialism) in there as well.

Capricorn wants the best and seeks to buy only once. Whatever that 'thing' is, needs to be of super-quality that not only carries longevity, but functionality. Capricorn is the utilitarian of the zodiac, so whatever they buy, it needs to have a use. Therefore the Capricorn motto is, "I use therefore I am." Stay Astrologized™.

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