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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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Mars in Libra on DrStandley.com

Mars is in Libra from August 27, 2023 until October 12, 2023 Mars is the planet of assertion and drive. Mars (along with the Sun) is the testosterone in the chart. It will describe the degree of force that we go after what we want. Depending on the sign that Mars is in, it will tell us whether we are forceful and confrontational or if we prefer to sit back and watch. It will also reveal what motivates us and what desires drive us most powerfully. The house that Mars occupies in your Natal Chart or Solar Return is where these characteristics will manifest the most.

Mars is the planet of combat, fighting, competition, force and aggression. Other Mars keywords are -- Energy, assertive, decisive, action, initiative, impulse, impulsive, adventurous, quickness, rapid, physical energy, headstrong, courage, brave and rash.

Mars in the sign of Libra is not well-placed because Mars is in its 'Detriment'. In other words, Mars is unnatural, uncomfortable and unattractive in the sign of Libra. The 'detrimental' placement is like a feisty child throwing a temper tantrum in the grocery store. Basically, it acts out inappropriately at the wrong time and wrong place. This is because Mars naturally rules Aries, which is Libra's opposite sign, so Mars is in its opposite natural placement. This Mars in Libra transit is going to be Good, great, bad and ugly throughout its transit in Libra.

Libra is a sign that cannot be alone because it is the sign of companionship. There will be many Libra's who will dispute this fact, but somehow, someway, Libra manages to find companionship, even if it has to come through animals, Libra is never alone. Even the Libra who lives alone is often times seen out socializing with friends. While certainly Libra enjoys their alone time, it is always better with someone else who you can sit on the couch alone with in comfortable silence. Mars in Libra wants companionship so much that it will chase companionship much like a dog chasing a ball. (*See the Astro-Meme) above.

This would really be a great transit most of the time if it didn't need so dang much approval from others. Mars by nature is aggressive and assertive, which is something that Libra is not (although they can be under certain circumstances when it comes to fair play and injustices) and that is once they have been revved up enough. It doesn't take much to rev up an Aries but once Libra gets going, they are relentless.

Libra wants balance, harmony and to sing 'Kumbya' so much that they will compromise too much. This causes Libra to over-compromise, which then leads to imbalance, which is exactly what Libra didn't want in the first place. Arrrghhhh! If you are looking for cooperation during this aspect, it may be there sometimes and then completely disappear. During this Mars in Libra transit we will experience several important aspects, but the one that will be HUGE will be Mars in Libra squaring Pluto in Capricorn on Sunday - October 8, 2023. Remember, Mars naturally rules Aries. BAM! Take that!

Mars Square Pluto aspect on DrStandley.com

Libra just wants to be in Love and wants everyone else to be in Love. Libra is feminine energy and Mars is masculine energy. This energy can show up two very different ways. It can look like the 'seemingly' beautiful, graceful and elegant woman who has a chip on her shoulder. When she turns around she's smoking a cigarette, cussing like a sailor and has a can of beer with cigarette ashes on top of the beer can.

On the other hand, this Libra energy can boost the Mars energy with some grace and refinement.

Remember, Mars is aggressive and it is also selfish, as Aries is THE MOST selfish sign of the zodiac. Where Aries thinks of me, myself and I; Libra thinks we, us and ours.

Mars in Libra can bring some 'couple awareness' to an individual. Aries (Mars) has a tendency to say, "Me, me, me! Enough about me. What do you think of me?"

Still, Mars can actually be a little tamed under this Libra influence, but it won't be without a few challenges, especially when Pluto in Capricorn squares it. After a few hard blows with Mars in Libra, we will have to succumb to the harmonious energy and soften ourselves. Even hockey players can only play for a couple of minutes before the line needs to be changed because the speed and aggression of hockey is just too much to handle for more than a few minutes. And so it goes with this transit of Mars. Too much aggression makes us fight, stand back or just plain walk away. None are these are great choices but it is what we will be dealing with during this Mars in Libra transit. There will be a point when we are just tired of fighting.

I can just see some high level conversations going on and then all of the sudden the energy shifts and arguments begin. This is some high heat and if you know this ahead of time, then you won't even engage in converzation with difficult people or conversations with your mate that could lead to disaster.

There is going to be a lot of moral chatter going on and what's so funny is that the people who shout the loudest and who are the most braggadocious are usually the ones who donate the least or who volunteer last, if at all. If you listen closely to what these individuals are saying, they may not really be concerned with what the subject matter is, except for the fact that the subject matter might impact them in some way and their green (money) or time. THAT my dear little mentators reveals the selfishness of Mars. It really wasn't about the subject matter at all, it was how it impacts them. Keep in mind, the 'them' could be you. You could be one of 'them' that I am talking about here. OUCHY!

When Mars in Libra is afflicted (challenged) when it is aspected by the square to Pluto in Capricorn on October 8, 2023 there will likely be arguments, fights, disagreements and even separation of relationships surrounding this date in applying degrees from September 26 until separating degrees end on October 20, 2023.

Folks, I'm telling you, this is very challenging energy so I would definitely not be drinking during these aspects. Did I mention that Pluto is the higher octave of Mars? Yep, it sure is and this deals a double whammy of Mars energy to mix and causes double-trouble. It's like Mars and Pluto will be fighting with each other. Mars is the ancient-ruler of Scorpio, while Pluto is the modern-day ruler of Scorpio. With that kind of aggressive energy, who really wins? Seriously! Stay Astrologized™

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