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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Dr. Loretta Standley is an 'Experienced' Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance

Dr. Loretta Standley is an 'Experienced' Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance

Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

eBooks and more



The Full Moon in Scorpio is financially transformative on DrStandley.com

The Full Moon is when the Moon opposes the Sun at the exact same minute and degree. On Saturday, May 18, 2019 the Moon in Scorpio opposes the Sun in Taurus at exactly 5:11 PM EDT at 27 degrees 39 minutes. Here is the Full Moon in Scorpio Chart Wheel - Saturday, May 18, 2019. Lay it over your personal natal chart, line up the Sun Signs to see where this aspect is affecting your chart. When the Moon opposes the Sun, this is your 6 month check-up of the New Moon in Scorpio that occurred back on Wednesday, November 7, 2018. The New Moon represents 'fresh starts' and 'new beginnings' while the Full Moon is your 'approximate' 6th month check-up to that 'thing' you began back then. You should be well on your way to make that 'thing' a reality.

The Sun is testosterone (masculine) and the Moon is estrogen (feminine). So here we have a tug of war between mommy and daddy or two opposing energies that are strongly masculine and feminine. You may feel this energy in a relationship or within yourself.

What I LOVE about this Full Moon in Scorpio are the two (2) major aspects accompanying it, which is Mercury trine Pluto and Venus conjunct Uranus. The first three (3) lunar aspects occurring today take place so early in the morning that they really have nothing to do with this Full Moon that occurs in the evening. Out of the five (5) lunar aspects ocurring, there are two (2) other lunar aspects occurring today, one of which 'IS' the Full Moon in Scorpio since it is the aspect of the 'Moon opposing the Sun'. That leaves the Moon opposing Mercury at 10:26 AM EDT as the only other lunar aspect impacting this Full Moon, which is exact earlier in the day and not having too much of a hard impact on the Full Moon in the evening. That paves the way for a wonderful Full Moon in Scorpio accompanied by the two (2) major aspects I will be writing about below.

This Scorpio Full Moon energy is transformative, especially 'financially transformative' because the Sun in Taurus represents personal money and self-worth, while the Moon in Scorpio represents the spouse, the partner and other people's money, and can take anything and shape into something bigger, better and more! Use this Full Moon to transform yourself in the house specified for your sign. IT'S A TRANSFORMATION! IT'S A MAKE-OVER IN YOUR FINANCIAL WORLD!

The sign of Scorpio is a money sign because it rules one of the money houses (the 8th house). It would be hard-pressed to find a Scorpio who is not focused on money. Scorpio energy has a knack for making money either off or through other people because Scorpio rules other people's money, the spouse's money, investments, taxes, stocks, bonds, lotteries or any other place where money comes to you through other means that are not your own. This is why you will hear a Scorpio moan and complain about taxes (and how much they pay in taxes) or who isn't paying their fair share, more than any other sign. At the same time, Scorpio knows how to make money off of other people including investors. After all, Scorpio is the sign with the 'Midas Touch' and with Jupiter in Scorpio right now, it E-X-P-A-N-D-S this 'Midas Touch' even further. A Scorpio who does not invest in the stock market is like a Gemini who does not communicate. Scorpio INVESTS!

Scorpio also invests in others and uses other people's resources because it is about taking care of themselves. They are setting themselves up. They are preparing. Scorpio's are rarely ever caught wasting resources. In other words, you better turn off those lights behind you, especially if Scorpio is paying the bill. Even if they aren't, leaving the lights on is a complete waste of resources and they will comment on how 'stupid' you or how stupid it is. And many Scorpio's will use the word 'stupid'. No sign is more resourceful than a Scorpio, which is why I believe it had to be a Scorpio who made lemonade out of lemons. It had to be! Folks, this is the kind of intensity and ingenuity that this New Moon in Scorpio possesses. It is committed and it is intense. That new thing you began on November 8, 2018 is checking in to see how you are doing getting your financial act together.

THE SUN IN TAURUS CARRIES THE MOTTO IS - "I HAVE, THEREFORE I AM" rules your own resources. It describes what you value ranging from physical possessions and money, to personal self esteem and talents. Taurus rules your personal earnings, bankers, budgets, money that "you" make, material resources, value system, monetary gains and losses, security. Other keywords include resources, both personal and financial, values and attitudes, possessions, acquisitions and prana. Taurus energy is slow to decide.

THE MOON IN SCORPIO CARRIES THE MOTTO - "I CREATE/DESIRE, THEREFORE I AM" rules the support you receive from other people. It rules wealth of your spouse or partner, spirituality, insurance, legacies, other people's money, stocks, bonds, taxes, inheritances, wills, surgeries and astral experiences. Scorpio rules regeneration and covers death, sex, legal matters, and metaphysics. Other keywords include: transformation, resources of others, sexuality, transmutation, battles, the Path of Discipleship.

So you can easily see here that we have here the situation .... I have (Taurus) vs. I desire (Scorpio).... I Own (Taurus) vs. I Possess (Scorpio)....Mine (Taurus) vs. Ours (Scorpio)....... I am secure (Taurus) vs. I am insecure (Scorpio) .... the Moon in its Exaltation (Taurus) vs. the Moon in its Fall (Scorpio) .... I'm Fond of (Taurus) vs. I Crave (Scorpio) .... Material Ownership (Taurus) vs. People Ownership (Scorpio) .... What's mine is mine (Taurus) vs. What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine and by the way you're mine too (Scorpio).

Taurus Squaring signs (challenged by): Leo and Aquarius (any planets at 27 degrees in these signs)

Taurus Opposing sign (perfect balance or tug of war): Scorpio (any planets at 27 degrees in this signs)

Taurus Trine sign (easy and harmonic energy): Capricorn and Virgo (any planets at 27 degrees in these signs)

Taurus Sextile sign (opportunity): Pisces and Cancer (any planet at a 27 degree angle to these signs)

Scorpio Squaring signs (challenged by): Leo and Aquarius (any planets at 27 degrees in these signs)

Scorpio Opposing sign (perfect balance or tug of war): Taurus (any planets at 27 degrees in this signs)

Scorpio Trine sign (easy and harmonic energy): Pisces and Cancer (any planets at 27 degrees in these signs)

Scorpio Sextile sign (opportunity): Virgo and Capricorn (any planet at a 27 degree angle to these signs)

So while this Full Moon in Scorpio is all about THE MONEY ENERGIES in our chart, since Taurus rules the 2nd house of self-worth, personal finances, morals and values, and Scorpio rules the 8th house of other people's money, the spouse of partner's money, inheritance, wills, insurance, windfalls, beneficiaries, loans, mortgages and other places we get, receive or obtain money, you may have some emotional feelings with the lunar aspects that has you thinking, concerned or focused on money.

Mercury Trine Pluto on DrStandley.com

Mercury trine Pluto is looking for answers and solutions. If you dig, then you will find your answers, whatever it is. Do not leave any stoned unturned or untouched today. As a metaphor, the stone overturned reveals something hidden that you had not previously seen and the stone untouched reveals something that is right out in the open that you had not even handled, seen or connected to. Whenever I misplace something, which is super-rare, it's more like I'm helping someone else looking for something, then I never move anything. I walk around scanning my eyes over every single thing without moving anything. I don't move anything because I always believe what is hidden or misplaced is usually right in front of our very eyes and if we move something, we could accidentally cover up the item in our search. So while you are asking questions, making phone calls, connecting dots, searching the internet and writing down answers to your questions, make certain you 'metaphorically speaking' leave no stone unturned or untouched.

There is nothing superficial about this aspect Mercury trine Pluto. Either you mean it, or you don't. Either you intend to, or you don't. Either you mean business, or you don't. You won't get to the root of the matter by scratching the surface. Leave no stone unturned or untouched. This aspects gives a probing mind and an ability to assess situations rapidly. Words are no minced, actions are not danced around, as this aspect is straight to the point. You will find yourself enjoying delving beyond the superficial. You may find yourself taking thoughts, ideas and communication to very deep levels. The mind and the concentration is intense. This allows you, if you so choose, to probe the depth of little known or unknown matter. This aspect reveals the ability to get to the roots of an issue in a mental sense because you can keep going until you get to the root of the matter. Whatever the case it is for what is on your mind, obsessing over and aching to find out the answer, you have the support to keep going, not give up and get the answer(s) you need. Even if you are working on an an experiment or a math problem, you will not give up. You have an intense probing need to figure it out. This aspect is often in the charts of investigators, detectives, and those involved in research. You have an easy understanding of logic, and of cause and effect.

Venus conjunct Uranus is head over heels in Love and will do something crazy for Love, like run off and get married (elope)

The other major aspect occurring today is Venus conjunct Uranus. How can you not LOVE this aspect? Venus conjunct Uranus creates romantic attractions that are so sudden that it is the classic placement for 'falling in love' literally, meaning you fall into it. This is what happened to me and my Scorpion King when we met. It was wild fire that could not be put out. Our first date lasted three (3) days, our second date was a trip to Florida and four (4) months later we were living together. It was crazy! This aspect was not occurring in the chart on the day we met, but energies certainly similiar to it were. That's how 'falling Love' occurs. This is how two people meet, get engaged after two weeks, then move in together or get married. It is the classic case 'sudden attraction' or 'sudden marriage' like an elopement.

The problem with 'this aspect' is that the attraction is so sudden and so fast that not so soon afterward the excitement wanes and the freedom (or spell) that initiated the interest has now moved on. So I'm glad this was 'not the aspect' present when I met my Scorpion King. LOL. This aspect does not allow you to curb your sense of freedom. It tends to get bored and restless in a traditional style of relationship and needs room to breathe. Relationships cause you to 'settle down' and take them seriously. They are not all fun and games, because 'real relationships' have challenges attached to them. This aspect seeks fun, spontaneity and intellectual stimulation from a partner. It wants a playmate. Think intellectual stimulation due to the planet Uranus, which rules Aquarius, who carries the motto, "I know therefore I am." Venus conjunct Uranus needs to be recognized as a unique individual within the personal relationship. The independence streak is very strong in this aspect and it cannot be negotiated out. The two (2) individuals in this aspect would not be lighting one (1) candle at a wedding. They want their own damn candle.

Venus conjunct Uranus is the life of the party. If this aspect is hitting your chart, then you would be quite popular among friends, groups and even mere acquaintances. If there is a party or stimulating experience, this aspect will make you show up. Oh you'll be there! Another problem with this placement is that it can mistake a lover for a friend and a friend for a lover because of Venus naturally ruling Libra and the 7th house of committed relationships and Uranus naturally ruling Aquarius and the 11th house of friends. There are some natal charts that will require the partner to be a friend, but this aspect is not set up for longevity (Saturn influence). Venus combined with Uranus makes a sudden break in the relationship occur as quickly as it started. What started as a wildfire, can end just as quickly with a bucket of water and a hose. Today actually does have a firm Saturn placement connected to longevity, so if anyone is getting married today, I would roll the dice on that marriage and predict that it will in fact, last and stand the test of time.

If you are dating and going on a first date and you really like that person, I would change the date of the first date and make it after May 27th, when this aspect has moved on and is over because it would be extremely difficult to be connected to just one person with this aspect hanging over the relationship. While you could easily fall in Love in haste, the likelihood of a committed relationship or marriage is low because that would be giving up your romantic freedom. Uranus is a very freedom-loving planet and needs room to bolt, like a lightning bolt, at a moment's notice. The individual with this placement in their natal chart should have a very long engagement to ensure the longevity of a marriage. So back to my comment about my Scorpion King and I with a similiar energies when we met (to this aspect) we have actually been engaged something like eight (8) years. I can't even remember. So talk about a long engagement. So I'm just sayin', have fun with this aspect and DO NOT run off and elope. Those in the arts and who are musically inclined can have a lot of fun and creativity with this aspect.

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All about Aries on DrStandley.com

For Aries, this impacts your 8th house of the wealth of your spouse or business partner, joint resources, support from other people, insurance, legacies, other people's money, stocks, bonds, taxes, inheritances and wills. It also includes, surgeries, spirituality, astral experiences, the metaphysical realm, transformation, regeneration and covers death or endings (rebirth), sex and an element of legal matters.

The monetary resources of others directly impacts YOU! The 8th house influence could make you have feelings of jealousy, insecurity, cruelty or have something to do with sex and hard feelings that could leave your emotionally twisted. At the same time, there may be money coming to you through a financial source that is not of your own doing. You want to be thinking more along the lines of money coming to you rather than getting your emotions twisted into something that isn't there. THINK MONEY! After all, this Full Moon in Scorpio is a money moon as both the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus rules the money house. Refrain from letting your aggressive and impulsive emotions get away from you. Refrain from saying or doing something that you will regret once this Scorpio Moon passes. Don't make me say, "I told you so" because I will.

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All about Taurus on DrStandley.com

For Taurus, this impacts your 7th house of contractual relationships. This house also rules unions, lawsuits, contracts, partnerships, marriages, agreements, and open enemies with the public. This can be partnerships in business, marriage or a committed relationship that is a live-in arrangement. It also includes long-term associations, the animus (underlying passion or force), the relationship between soul and personality.

The Full Moon in Scorpio will light up your 7th house of marriages, partnerships, contractual agreements, relationships and committed Love, which brings loads of luck and excitement to this area of your Life. I mean this is such rich Goodness! Some Taurus' are starting off on the right foot alone fresh out of a relationship and others are going to be stepping into. Still others will take their relationship to another level. It's all Good. Relationships or the thought of a relationship could be messing with your mind today. You could just be too stubborn to let go of a picture in your head of what a certain relationship looks like. Taurus often gets the bad rap of being stubborn, but really Taurus settles into something slowly and cautiously. They have thought about it over and over again and then they make their decision. Because Taurus took their time, then they know exactly what they want and then it comes off as being stubborn to others. Even so, during this Scorpio Moon (your opposing sign) you may actually be too stubborn to change your mind and keep something going such as an argument or even a relationship that needs to just be released. Enough already! Stubbornness really isn't your style, it really isn't . . but then again, you can easily go there and you are only hurting yourself. This Full Moon in Scorpio is a money moon as both the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus rules the money house.

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All about Gemini on DrStandley.com

For Gemini, this impacts your 6th house of daily life, physical health, fitness, hygiene, food, work ethic, employees, service, skills, servants, clothing and sickness. It is about the service you give to others and your daily habits, routine, the working environment, pets, animals and service.

The Full Moon in Scorpio will light up your 6th house of daily routine, which brings about a brand new spankin' YOU where you can easily make yourself OVER! This is always the time of the month where Gemini can get enough work accomplished for 12 people and no one knows what the heck you are up to. It's a secretively little juggle you have going on where it is almost like you have a dozen little elves helping you because otherwise it would be hard to believe one person accomplished so much in one single day. You are doing bit of everything and juggling 12 things at once and doing it well. As always with this 6th house, take care of yourself first, especially your health and fitness. You are at the tippy top of the things to do list especially in this 6th house of daily routine. This Full Moon in Scorpio is a money moon as both the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus rules the money house.

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All about Cancer on DrStandley.com

For Cancer, this impacts your 5th house of pleasurable activities, parties, romance, dating, Love affairs, playtime/acting, sensual emotions, Lovers, parenthood and sexuality, creativity, artistic pursuits, hobbies, recreation, procreation, babies, pregnancy, children. It also includes leisure, games, sports, self-fulfillment, joy and bliss.

The Full Moon in Scorpio will light up your 5th house of dating and fun house where you could easy have blessed experiences in this area of your Life. This is a time for fun and games, acting like a children and getting your playful mojo back. After all, Cancer is the clown of the zodiac. Little things may cause you to become jealous and insecure with this Scorpio present in your 5th house of dating, fun and pleasure. You may even feel some jealousy that has to do with your children. Maybe an underlying jealousy or competitiveness with your child or maybe jealousy that is impacting your 'inner child'. While the Venus conjunct Uranus aspect in Taurus is sextile to Cancer, which makes you super playful especially in relationships, it could also have you acting like a child and maybe a little 'too much'. There are opportunities to expand the area of romance and dating, even if it is with a current partner. Watch your emotions and stay in control. This is the house of fun, pleasure and games; it's not about being the one who rained on the parade. This Full Moon in Scorpio is a money moon as both the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus rules the money house.

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All about Leo on DrStandley.com

For Leo, this impacts your 4th house of home and family. It describes your roots, your heritage and your private life. This house also rules land, property, residences, domestic affairs, psychological foundations, biological inheritance and place of abode.

The Full Moon in Scorpio will light up your 4th house of home and family, which brings about some type of closure or even satisfaction to a home, family or domestic sitation. This could also stimulate a move or completion of a home project. This Scorpio Moon naturally squares your sign so you could create an uproar without realizing it. You don't have to use this Scorpio Moon in such a challenging and fierce way. No one has to get stung, hurt or clawed just because you are feeling fiesty. Channel this powerful energy into creating a better home life. Throw things out, move furniture around and read some Feng Shui books that will make you feel empowered. It is essential to daily living that Leo always feels empowered. You should know more than anyone that a group of lion's is called a 'pride'. Actually, a pride of lions is made up by related females and offspring and a small number of adult males. Think of your family Leo, think of your own 'pride' as this Scorpio Moon moves through this 4th house of home and family. Who makes up your pride? Leo's needs a 'pride' and the head of the pride is the 'keystone'. Start building or 'rebuilding your pride' and I mean that literally and figuratively. This Full Moon in Scorpio is a money moon as both the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus rules the money house.

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All about Virgo on DrStandley.com

For Virgo, this impacts your 3rd house of communication, writing, mental abilities, sales, marketing, media, advertising, publicity, campaign, blog, website, lower education from 1st to 12th grade, early learning, immediate environment, short journeys, local travel and travel within your own country. It also rules neighbors, siblings and extended siblings such as cousins, nieces and nephews.

The Full Moon in Scorpio will likely bring about travel and may have something to do with work or a sibling. This energy also likely to stimulate several short trips in the near future, whether they are weekend getaways or overnights during the week that might include business. Make certain you are aware of your verbage and body language today because this is the time of the month where your tongue could be as sharp as a Scorpio stinger. But then again, it could be so sharp that you say just the right thing at the right time with all the wit and humor of a comic. This 3rd house is after all ruled by Gemini, the comic relief of the zodiac. Make certain that you choose the positive influence of this Scorpio energy so that you don't end up rubbing up against someone and accidentally sting them. Seek to be keenly aware of your words and body language. You are likely to make strong connections with anyone of the people listed in the keywords above. This Full Moon in Scorpio is a money moon as both the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus rules the money house.

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All about Libra on DrStandley.com

For Libra, this impacts your 2nd house of value systems, physical possessions and money, personal self esteem and talents. This house also rules your personal earnings, bankers, budgets, money that "you" make, material resources, value system, monetary gains and losses, security. Basically this house is about your self-worth.

The Full Moon in Scorpio will light up your 2nd house of self-worth, personal finances, morals, values and personal possessions, which is basically all about money you make 'in your own right'. In other words, it money you generate on your own. It's what you made happen for you! This is typically the time of the month where you may find yourself buying the affections of others. There is no need to do that so put your money back in your wallet. This may satisfy your self-worth for a small period of time but it will not last. That is the nature of the Scorpio Moon because it brings out passion but then once the Scorpio Moon wanes, then so does the passion. If you are going to spend money today, then spend it on yourself in a way that makes you a better person. If you have been longing for something before this Scorpio Moon, then the Scorpio Moon will just make it stronger. If you spend, spend on something that is basic that you wanted before this Scorpio Moon even hit. This Full Moon in Scorpio is a money moon as both the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus rules the money house.

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All about Scorpio on DrStandley.com

For Scorpio, this impacts your 1st house of identity and how other's see you. This house also rules the personality, your attitude, how you see the world, how you look, appearances, your worldly outlook, and self-awareness and how you respond. It includes the self, ego, anima, projected image, expression of inner motivation, soul purpose, initial approach to life and your aura. Take special note that this first house rules your soul's purpose and your inner motivation.

The Full Moon in Scorpio will light up your 1st house of the self, identity, ego, personality, approach to the world, how others see you and how you respond to others, which makes this a perfect time to shake yourself back into right thinking. Scorpio often says, "I don't care" but you should because you rule the house of joint resources and other people's money; therefore, others money directly impacts YOU! You should care and behave in such a way and be sincere about it. This Scorpio Moon moving through your 1st house of personality could make you a bit fiesty. Not to mention your passion, intensity and possibly even jealousy is knocked up a few octaves. The likelihood of a sting coming from you today is quite high. There's no need in injuring the spirit of another just because you felt compelled to say something. When a Scorpio channels their energy into productive, creative and constructive energy it is just flippin' outrageously phenomenal and explosive in the most wonderful and mind-blowing ways. It is fascinating how a Scorpio can twist the worst possible circumstance and manipulate it into the best scenario. It is like taking a donut and twisting it into a figure eight. One quick twist and its something else and much more delicious looking and it costs more too! It's the same thing but different. Oh, the sexy and passionate Scorpio is soooooo mesmerizing and brilliant, you could hypnotize someone while making 'it' all happen. This 1st house is very creative and when coupled with your creativity, you can think up a million dollar idea today and it'll work! Arrrrgghhhhhh -- now, if you would only stop worrying and start creating. This Full Moon in Scorpio is a money moon as both the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus rules the money house.

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All about Sagittarius on DrStandley.com

For Sagittarius, this impacts your 12th house of the hidden realm, subconscious, past, pain, karma, jails, institutions, hospitals, mental health, finances of friends, secret sorrows, fears, self-destruction, large animals, skeletons in closet, self-undoing and self-injury. It is about your hidden strengths, weaknesses and what you don't want others to see or know about you, unredeemed karma and selfless service to humanity. Refrain from letting this house frighten you because it is necessary that you look at your own self-undoing in order to keep yourself on the straight path.

The Full Moon in Scorpio will light up your 12th house of behind the scenes, skeletons in the closet, self-undoing and what you need to do before progressing forward. There is an element of health in this house because it is the opposite house of the 6th house of physical health. This health is more spiritual and mental in nature. It's time to get your spirit and mind connected and in alignment. It is said that our greatest strength is also our greatest weakness. Is that true for you? This is the perfect time to go within and contemplate this question. The goal is to be self-managing no matter what you have going on behind closed doors. Some of these family reality shows on TV are the perfect example of people that are severely overly dramatic, narcissistic and who have no coping mechanisms. You don't have to watch those TV shows to know weakness when you see it. That's not you but it is worth pointing out what weakness looks like because a lot of everyday people are just like that. You should absolutely never watch that kind of television because it is not empowering you. Sagittarius is the most optimistic, jovial and happy go lucky sign of the zodiac, which is why negatively influencing reality shows disempower you. You have hidden strengths that you have not even begun to tap into and it is about time you did. Turn inside out, get reflective and make the leap into your future. It is time you change your ways. This Full Moon in Scorpio is a money moon as both the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus rules the money house.

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All about Capricorn on DrStandley.com

For Capricorn, this impacts your 11th house of friends, groups of people, social acquaintances, former relationships (ex's), organizations, alliances, fraternities, memberships, money from the employer, finances of employer and stock exchanges. It is also about your hopes, wishes, dreams and the future.

The Full Moon in Scorpio will light up your 11th house of a lot of helpful people who know what the heck they are doing. This is the time to enlist and listen. In other words, enlist the help of others and also listen to the advice of others. Make contacts with groups of people and friends today. All too often you go it alone without tapping your resources. You are not a born social networker but this Scorpio Moon influences you to be a social networker. Somehow you need to be convinced that no one ever goes it alone. It just feels that way but it just isn't the Truth. You get support somewhere, someway and you need to 'use' your resourceful friends, acquaintances and yes, even ex's. Remember your motto is, "I use therefore I am." You may have done your part alone but remember who helped you or who can help you now. It is like losing weight, ultimately it is just you that does it but you may receive guidance or help or assistance through a program, CD, TV show, a trainer, God, etc., but it is most certainly you that does it. This Scorpio Moon is passionate and intense. Use this energy to keep your hopes, wishes and dreams alive for the future. This Full Moon in Scorpio is a money moon as both the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus rules the money house.

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All about Aquarius on DrStandley.com

For Aquarius, this impacts your 10th house public life. This house also rules fame, notoriety, occupation, career, ambition, government, military, chief executives, business life, goals, ranks, political position, status, standing in the public eye, position in society. It shows your standing in the community and social status. It can reflect your attitude to parenting.

The Full Moon in Scorpio will light up your 10th house of career, public image and recognition outside of the home and family environment, which could easily bring new career opportunities. New career projects, contracts and work simply drops into your lap. This Scorpio Moon can make you highly fiesty in the work/career environment. You want take very well anyone telling you what to do 'in that certain way'. It could cause you to rebel. It's important to note that Scorpio naturally squares (challenges) Aquarius. You could be tangling with an authority figure or father figure. At the same time, you could have a unique attraction to an authority figure or father figure. Older men play a role in your Life under this Scorpio Moon as well as parenting skills and/or issues. This Full Moon in Scorpio is a money moon as both the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus rules the money house.

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All about Pisces on DrStandley.com

For Pisces, this impacts your 9th house of the dreams, visions, goals, ambitions, new adventures, new experiences, higher-thinking mind, religion, college, higher education, teachers, legalities, brothers and sisters-in-law, philosophy, prophecy, philanthropy, all things "foreign", intuition, long distance journeys abroad, churches, airlines, vacations and international commerce.

The Full Moon in Scorpio brings about new experiences in travel and education. Keep in mind travel and higher education are the same thing. Some people are well traveled, some are well read and some are both! This Scorpio Moon is very powerful and feeds your intuition like there is no tomorrow. You are like a sponge that is being wrung out. You are likely to feel adventurous, powerful and certain. That is great because Pisces could stand to be more certain, which means you have stepped out of doubt. Keep in mind that doubt only keeps you from doing anything. This 9th house is very adventurous and you may find yourself in the car headed off for a long drive without a map or direction. New adventures await and the more open you are to new experiences, the more they will plop right now in your lap. Contact a mentor, teacher or advisor that can help you get to the place that you desire to be. This Full Moon in Scorpio is a money moon as both the Moon in Scorpio and the Sun in Taurus rules the money house. Now click the graphic for your Sun Sign below and go read today's Daily Horoscope, plus your Monthly, Yearly and Generational Horoscope.

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