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Dr. Loretta Standley is a retired Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and a current Yoga studio owner and teacher.  She is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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    This is your motto for this particular house.

    If Aries is your "Rising Sign" aka "Ascendant". Your Rising Sign is the sign that rules your 1st House cusp. If I wrote your chart, there is a graphic at the beginning of this Natal Chart that will show you where your Ascendant is located.

    Because Aries is on your 1st House cusp, you would take on the nature, characteristics and tendencies of Aries in this particular house.

    Click on the following link to read the Aries horoscope, rulerships, characteristics and tendencies. Then apply the information to this particular house in your chart.

    In addition to reading your daily Sun Sign horoscopes, also read your daily Aries horoscope.

    BIG TIP TO REMEMBER --- Anyone who has the same Sun Sign as your Rising Sign will automatically be your competition. Therefore, all Aries are your competition. Notice how you act and react in a group when an Aries is present. Both of you will be competing for the attention of anyone else present. This should not turn into a dual. This is something you should know and use in order to build your character and personality. You should be a better person because of this information and you should leave all people better than you found them, including your competition. After all, your Rising Sign is all about your personality, appearance and worldly outlook. These competitive people can be just about anyone - spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, family members, children, co-workers, etc. It's just downright fascinating!

    This house rules the head, face, upper lip, and upper jaw, cerebrum (brain).

    The 1st House is about identity. This house also rules the personality, attitude, how you see the world, how you look, appearances, your worldly outlook, and self-awareness and how you respond. It describes how you see yourself and how others see you. It can also describe your physical appearance. Other keywords include: the self, ego, anima, projected image, expression of inner motivation, soul purpose, initial approach to life, the aura.


    Aries Rising natives take on the personality of the Aries. Aries Rising natives are able to instruct, dominate and direct not only themselves, but others as well. Although others may see them as being controlling. They do possess a gift of self-control and control over others. Aries Rising natives also have the ability to lay out a game plan for future and plan into the future. And of course they would because Aries rules sports and sporting activities, so game plans work well for them.

    They absolutely Love their independence and are perfectly happy doing their own thing and being active most of the time. They are also likely to have been labeled hyperactive or having attention deficit at some point in their Life. The Truth is, Aries Rising natives have the ability to be active and take in information is higher than normal, not less than normal. Talk about mis-diagnosis!!!

    These natives have an innate desire to be at the forefront of action, in the midst of progress and leading the pack to thought and action. They are the most important player on any team because they are blessed with an abundance of creative thought and action. They are often accused as being selfish because they do have a one track mind, bringing to mind their motto, "I AM, therefore I AM."

    They are also highly ambitious and incredibly enterprising in their business undertaking and have a versatility that is only second to Gemini natives. They are represented by the glyph of the ram and are usually headstrong and highly impulsive.

    The headstrong Aries Rising can be rather determined, forceful and compulsive. They are also expressionable in their facial movements and pressing in their speech, since Aries does rule the head and part of the jaw.

    The natives can be intense when they are interested and will ask questions like they are an undercover agent. They aren't being nosey when they do this, it means they are genuinely interested and can also be overcome with vigor when they are excited. This is not being hyperactive, it is simply their personality.

    Because Aries is a fire sign, this would make an Aries rising native fiery in their temperament or quick-tempered at times. Even though they are quite capable of resentment or indignation, they will never hold a grudge for an extended period of time. They are too quick-minded to remember they were upset in the first place.

    They are attracted to those with scientific thought and are capable of philosophical ideas and will communicate those ideas with profound insight. Discouragement to these natives never lasts long, IF they get discouraged at all! This is because they are so penetrating, intense and sharp minded.

    Aries Rising natives will do best in careers that require their quick decision-making, quick actions and ability to assume responsibility. This would be careers that are at an executive level or that require some sort of mechanical skill.


    Aries Rising natives will likely be of middle stature or taller. Their body is typically lean with a long or thin face and neck. They will usually have a ruddy complexion that shows a healthy red color in their face. Because Aries is ruled by the glyph of the charging ram, they normally have a broad head between the temple area and narrowing near the chin. If any scars are present on these natives they will usually have them on the head or near the temple area. Their eyebrows may also be bushy (having blonde hair may not reveal this.)

    They will typically have sharp eyesight and/or their eyes are sharp and intense. They may have light eyes - gray to grayish brown. They usually have soft and fine hair as a child and then rough or wiry hair as an adult. The color of their hair may vary greatly from dark to blonde. If they have facial hair, it is usually of a sandy color. They have a tendency to bald near the temple area.


    Aries Rising natives are highly ambitious, enterprising, energetic, active, courageous, impulsive, enthusiastic, combative, clever and inventive.

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