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Astro Chart, personal readings with DrStandley, health consults with DrStandley, eBooks and more

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Dr. Loretta Standley is a Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider through Yoga Alliance

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The Moon moving through the signs on

The Moon in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini at 8:11 AM EST. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

The Moon in Aries sextile Saturn in Aquarius at 12:06 PM EST. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

The Moon in Aries trine Venus in Sagittarius at 3:57 PM EST. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.

Neptune in Pisces turns 'Direct' at 7:15 PM EST at 22 degrees 38 minutes.

The Moon in Aries trine Mercury in Sagittarius at 10:53 PM EST. Lunar aspects have an 'orb of influence' of 12 to 14 hours 'before' and 'after' their exactness.


The BIG NEWS today is Neptune in Pisces turns 'Direct'. Remember, no planet every really shifts into reverse and travels backward. That simply does not happen. It's an illusion. It's like sitting next to a car at a traffic signal. If the car next to you rolls forward even just a little bit, it makes you 'feel or appear' as if you are moving backward. You push on the brake and realize you are sitting still. Illusions!

If you only knew how many illusions are dropped in front of your eyes . . Every. Single. Day. . . it would blow your mind. Now you get to find out just how much trickery, fakery, dishonesty, cheating, fraud and shenanigans are/were really going on.

The fog lifts when Neptune turns turns 'Direct'. Remember, we are still in Sagittarius season, which carries the motto, 'I see/perceive therefore I am.' If you missed all of my Sagittarius writings, start back on November 22, 2022 when the Sun moved into Sagittarius, and then read for a few days so you can the clear vision of 'I see/perceive' as Neptune in Pisces lifts the fog and then you can really see! The veil is lifted and a rip in the fabric of the Universe shows us the Truth.

Folks, I urge and encourage you, to make 'use' of your sight. Neptune in Pisces Retrograde is pretty much murky waters or fog that has descended on the lake. We can't quite 'see' clearly. Neptune is the natural ruler of Pisces, so it is in its 'Home' placement. If you cannot or will not even squint your eyes to see through the fog, then how in the world do you expect to use your intuition? One does not work as well without the other. See/Insight.

Nep-tune carries the trident, or as I like to see it as a 'tuning fork'. Pisces is THE MOST intuitive sign. Check your charts, where is Pisces in your chart?

Nep-tune is asking you to tune-in, like a Tune-ahhhhh-fish. If you passively let this energy float away under its own power, then you are easily tricked, fooled and cheated. Why? Because if you don't tune-in, then you can be, and will be, and probably are - tricked, fooled and cheated.

For some, it does take a while to learn how NOT TO BE tricked, fooled and cheated. Come on astrotators! Think! If you have EVER been tricked, fooled or cheated, then you know how long it took you to BELIEVE the story. You might have even acted out, and called others names, because you did not want to hear, much less 'see' the Truth.

We see this in adultery, addicts, bluffing, bribes, confidential positions, charities, crimes, drugs, forgers, hoaxes, the imprisoned, the intoxicated, poverty, mental illness, sanitariums, scandals, schemes, secret societies, swindlers, thieves, the underworld and places where people are hidden or hide their shenanigans from the public.

These are all Neptune and Pisces rulerships. Neptune and Pisces rule the 12th house. If you have EVER, been tricked, fooled or cheated, where it took you a long-ass time to accept or believe the Truth, that's all Pisces stuff.

The Pisces motto is, "I believe therefore I am." Pisces can be hard-to-believe, it can show up as 'make believe' and it can be as gullible as a little child. I got your nose!

Once the windshield wipers come on, we can see clearer. Sometimes it just takes people longer than others to simply lean forward and TURN ON THE DAMN WINDSHIELD WIPERS.

Folks, its important to remember that Neptune is a generational planet, just like Pluto and Uranus. Patterns have to be broken for an entire generation. There is so much debauchery, depravity and degeneracy occurring that the masses have some gotten use to it. It's called 'conditioning'. Remember, Pisces rules 'mental health' while its counterpart (opposite sign) Virgo rules physical health. The enemy seeped into the masses minds, but who wants to admit that? Right? Who wants to say, "Hey you tricked me! You fooled me! Boy, I'm gullible!" Keep reading . . .

Sat. Dec. 3, 2022

Neptune in Pisces turns 'Direct'
at 7:15 PM EST
at 22 degrees 38 minutes

eptune in Pisces 'Direct' on


When the Sun 'Returns'
to the same sign, degree and minute
as when you were born

Solar Return Report on

Over time you have been pre-conditioned, conditioned and over-conditioned to believe certain things. It's hard to accept things, facts, behaviors, words, Truths, in a family, much less what governments around the world are doing.

Think about your own family and what you refused to believe because you could not believe it, and you would not believe it, and yet, come to find out . . it was True. Do you think you are not being fooled and tricked by those who are beyond your family in a position of power? PLEASE!

Here is some more Neptune, Pisces and 12th house rulerships - cabals, confinement, conspiracies, doom, downfalls, fall from Grace, foreign agents, ignorance (suffering from), kidnapping, secret enemies that you don't even know of, imagination, fictious names, Love affairs (Amy Robach and TJ Holmes), the persecuted, your private Life behind closed doors that you don't what others to 'see' or 'know' about you.

Folks - before you look at the world globally and politically, consider your own family and those secrets. Think of what you believe and what you refuse to believe. There is no family that escapes 'the secrets'. Then you take that knowledge and awareness and expand it to levels of power. There is power in the family, but when risen to higher levels, especially where people govern, the corruption runs deep and high. If corruption and lies can live within the family, then it certainly exists on higher planes when people are given even more power.

This is not just political, it is personal as well. Further, the eyes of many will be opened as a result of the #TwitterFiles being released on Twitter beginning last night just as Neptune was turning 'Direct' on the other side of the world. I mean that literally. Now it picks up speed as it turns 'Direct' here on this side of the world in the U.S.

Today is Day 2 of the #TwitterFiles dump. Sit up in your chair and pay attention. Maybe its too much for you and you want to cover your ears and close your eyes and sing songs. If you do that, then there is probably something closer to you that you refuse to see or acknowledge. Yeah, stuff is like that. It's called the Truth and, "When it's the Truth, it shows up everywhere."

Even still, some people can be told over and over again by a trusted source and there will still be those who can not, do not or will not acknowledge the Truth. Again, it's like child abuse, child exploitation and child trafficking . . . some people flat out WILL NOT acknowledge these subjects that are being presented in social media now, much less acknowledge Truths in their own family. Who wants to believe it? Right? So they turn on the person calling out the abuse because - 1) they don't want to hear it - 2) they don't want to believe or - 3) it rocks their world and changes everything they knew . . the list could go on and on.

Understand this - there are many reasons why a person cannot handle Truths. We may never know why some can't and why some of 'us' can and will handle the Truth. The aim is to set Truth free because Jesus told us so. The Truth is . . the Truth hurts. That's why! The Truth can hurt and make us feel foolish and tricked, and who wants to hurt and feel foolish and tricked? Some of us will stare down the Truth and not budge BECAUSE IT'S THE TRUTH. The Truth is rattling folks. It usually hurts. It's scary. And it upsets the applecart. Oh well. How can anyone stand not knowing the Truth?

"And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set free you." ~John 8:32

So while you are looking for patterns and without judgment, if you can do it without judgment and it remain just a matter of fact, notice the pattern in those in your personal world who can not or will not see Truths. It's a choice to listen and a choice to believe. Those who do not want to see Truths in one area, usually do not want to see Truths in other areas. It's a pattern.

Pisces is sonar hearing and knows full well how to hear and tune-in, but this energy can also choose to stand in illusion, which can turn mental, into delusion.

Silent suffering is a Pisces thing as the 12th house rules the silent sufferer. I always say that I am a 'silent sufferer' because I have a South Node Pisces. I deliberately choose to silently suffer as I do NOT broadcast or share 'at all' my pain or suffering while I move through it. It's long long long after something occurs that I will share. But I NEVER share pain or suffering publically (until its long gone) if I share at all, and sometimes I never share.

Public perception grabs energy and shape-shifts it. Then it can pit energies against each other. You might ask for prayers publically, but folks, there are energies out there that will NOT be praying for you, when you are under pressure, anxiety and stress. Instead, these energies or certain people who do not wish you well, could easily be throwing negative chi' (energy) at you. I prefer to use the 'Infant Baby Jesus of Prague Novena', which is also called 'The Storm Novena' or 'The Flying Novena' because you would be storming the Heavens with yours prayers. Instead of asking people I don't know to pray for me, I will use 'The Storm Novena' to storm the Heavens myself.

Pisces is INCREDIBLY SPIRITUAL. Gosh folks, use this energy. Pisces energy is typically where people will have their 'Come to Jesus' meaning that desperate place of prayer where all the individual has left is God. They have lost everything, and will then reach out to God. Think about it - those who are depressed, addicts (drug, alcohol, sex, shopping or gambling), prisoners, patients (mentally or physically), sanitariums, hospitals, cloistered nuns, monks and priests . . these are all places where a people are alone and all they have left is God. This is where a 'Come to Jesus' arrives, when there is nothing else. Sadly, so many have to reach this point before they get, the get.

And get this . . . Jupiter is currently in Pisces until December 20, 2022. We are in a deeply spiritual time where many will experience their 'Come to Jesus', which will likely be a hard slap in the face, a cold splash of water or maybe even suffering because they waited so long to get, the get.

So the fog lifts today, the veil is lifted, the murky waters clear up . . it's like you put saline solution in your eyes. What it takes, is what it will take. The silent suffering is going to be HUGE with Neptune and Jupiter both in the sign of Pisces because people waited too long to open their eyes, which is different than choosing to silently suffer and keep your personal business to yourself. The 'Come to Jesus' that others are about to have is usually as a result of desperation and fear. Sad.

Neptune rules - sleep, dreaming, drugs, illusions, delusions, daydreaming, fantasy, fakery, falsehoods, trickery, fading, ether, chemistry, drama, alcohol and apparitions.

Pluto in Capricorn on

NEPTUNE DIRECT IS GOOD NEWS, AND THE OTHER GOOD NEWS TODAY - is there are two (2) sextiles to the Moon and two (2) trines to the Moon. Emotionally it is a Good day because 'sextiles make us smile and trines are sublime'. These are wonderful lunar aspects that impact our emotions, feelings, moods and sensitivities.

I will remind you that Pluto in Capricorn moves into the final 03 degrees, which will be at 27 degrees on December 9, 2022 until January 11, 2023 . . and then it will advance to 28 degrees.

The #TwitterFiles will land and eyes will be opened. And there will be more Truths from other sources. The veil is being lifted and rip in the fabric of the Universe is occurring.

Do I need to remind you of the Camping - Survival - Prepping section of this website. There is something like 28 pages of information and ideas. I still have a few more to add.

If you are on a desktop computer, then you will likely see the videos below . . . if you cannot see the videos on your phone or other device I will put the links so you can access the music video and I will post on social media.

Music Video - 'Doctor My Eyes' by Jackson Browne

Music Video - 'I Can See Clearly Now' by Johnny Nash


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