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That particular atmosphere - the "Aura"

There is a particular atomosphere that surrounds every living thing called an aura.

Your personal space is equal to the size of your body. This means if you place another one of you in front of you, in back of you, to the left of you and to the right of you, then that would be your personal space. Notice how you feel when someone or certain people step into that ring of space. Your aura can emanate far beyond your personal space.

There are some people who can see the appearance of a color pattern or schemes, swirling colorful energies in different shapes, sizes and changing colors. You don't have to be a clairvoyant in order to tap into this energy, but you do have to penetrate that innate extrasensory ability that we all have to detect a feeling or impression of our surroundings.

In reading an aura, this color pattern is believed to be dependent on an individual's well-being. This includes their chemical, emotional, physical, and spiritual states.

Colors of the Aura

Controversy -

There is a lot of controversy and differing of opinions regarding auras. Most people tend to be skeptical over that which cannot be perceived by the masses or that is invisible.

The aura defined -

The aura has been defined as: Metamolecular space around a plant, animal or human body or a haze that surrounds the human body. It has also been described as a very subtle form of matter or a vital force that radiates and lies at the base of all manifested life.

What do the colors mean?

It really is not so much the color of the that reflects a positive or negative condition; but, the shade of color. Pastel and soft shades indicate a positive condition; and muddy, murky, and dark shades indicate a negative condition.

It is not so much the color appearing within the aura that reflects a positive or negative condition; but, the shade of color. Soft, pastel shades generally indicate a positive condition, while dark, murky, and muddy shades tend to indicate a more negative condition.

Color shades: as stated earlier, it is not so much the color appearing within the aura which reflects a positive or negative condition; but, rather, the shade of color. Soft, pastel shades generally indicate a positive condition, while dark, murky, and muddy shades tend to indicate a more negative condition.


Red generally shows the status of physical life, or the personality. It also signifies the higher aspect of sexuality and love. In its negative state, red may signify either supressed or expressed anger. Anger denotes fire and heat. It may indicate a strong drive to succeed, and unbalance of love and sexuality.

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Orange is a the blend of yellow and red and is the color of the sun. When orange is visualized it denotes creativity and regeneration. A strong orange presence may indicate a person who could be a gifted healer. The positive shades of orange indicate the creative use of their awareness or consciousness, thoughtfulness and consideration. Negative shades of orange may indicate an aggressive nature with the persons sexuality, laziness, repression, and destructive behaviors.

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Yellow denotes the color of the intellect. It is mental. If yellow is seen coming from above, it indicates a more inspired mental awareness. When it is seen flooding the lower half of the aura, it indicates more analytical thought. When yellow is murky and blended with black, brown, or gray, it indicates a person who uses the power of the mind for negative intentions. If yellow is blended with murky green, it may indicate resentment and jealousy.

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Green is the color of harmony and balance. It is also the color of the soul, reflecting the fact that the soul is the liaison between the spirit and the earthly/bodily personality. When green is murky, it indicates a person who is jealous of what others have, possessive, selfish, and manipulative. This is where we get the term, "Green with envy." A strong murky green indicates chronic depression. If coming from above it signifies a person who seeks a sense of individuality and identity. It would also mean the person is compassionate and sympathetic.

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Blue is the a spiritual color and most people find all shades of blue to be beautiful. But the negative aspects of blue indicate a sense of martyrdom, and melancholy, "feeling blue." But generally, presence of blue in the aura is positive.

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Indigo is a blue with a small amount of clear red. The red will intensify the blue and gives it more power. It fires it up. Indigo indicates a person who is seeking spiritual truth.

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Violet is a blue and mixed with rose or pink which indicates love. Violet denotes an even higher aspect selfless love and spirituality. A master teacher supposedly has a violet aura. Its presence appears only when an a person has made a commitment to spirituality or humanitarian causes. They are therefore guided by a higher consciousness in that commitment.

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Brown mixes with and influences the shades of other colors. Its presence reflects a negative condition. It is usually seen mixing with red, orange, yellow, green, and occasionally blue. It never shades the colors of violet, white or indigo.

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Black is the absence of all color and indicates the absence of life. This is the shadow caused by turning away from God and blocking His light. When found in the aura as a shadow, it indicates a blockages. When it is found as genuine black, it signifies extreme negativity.

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White is the perfect color because it is all color. It is in perfect balance and harmony at all times. It is the color of God, the Spirit; the light of Perfection; the light of the Christ consciousness and the Divine Light. White is always received through the top of the head into the aura. This is where it is pure, full of clarity and glory of all the colors.

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