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AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]


Every morning before I start my day, I bring my Natal Chart up on the computer screen and stare at it. I'm looking for anything. Reading a Natal Chart is just like reading X-rays, MRI's, CTs or other advanced imaging. There is a protocol that is used so that nothing is missed. I pull up my Natal Chart and make a mental note of all my 'givens'. The 'givens' are the things that I already know about me. Just like when reading films, there are 'givens' such as patient history, laboratory tests, etc. As the puzzle starts coming together there is a 'differential diagnosis' where the doctor (radiologist or neuro-radiologist) differentiates one disease or condition from another taking into account what is seen on the film coupled with the 'givens' thereby ruling out certain possibilities along the way and coming up with what is called an "Impression". I did my externship in Neuro-Radiology, which is why I dig on this sort of thing. So . . I do the same thing when reading my Natal Chart every morning. And when reading your Natal Chart, I use what I see on the screen coupled with my intuition to pull your 'givens' out of the ethers.

Interestingly enough, as I was reading my Natal Chart this morning I noticed something that I do, that I had not previously noticed. My eyes go directly to the blue lines. This goes in alignment with my natural positive thinking mind and often times infectious optimism. In all of the Natal Charts that I write, I put all of the sextile and trine lines in blue. These sextile and trine lines are easy and effortless energy; trines being the easiest. The most challenging lines, those being squares, I always put in red. And then the semi-challenging lines are in green.

I have one square (red line) in particular in my Natal Chart that I am set on overcoming and conquering. This morning, once again I saw my eyes go directly to the blue lines and then it hit me. I can use the red square in question to my advantage if I use the blue trine line that is touching it. AND I have another blue trine line option coming from a completely different direction. I'm circling the wagons! I thought, "Well son-of-a-gun, I'm going in the back door baby! . . . You! Blue lines! Over there! Cover me! I'M GOING IN!" Wow, does it sound like I've seen too many war movies in my 45 years. HA! There is always a way in folks. ALWAYS! And I know that I want THAT over there more than anything, so I'm UP for the challenge. I'm ready to rumble! Sometimes in reading my own Natal Chart, I'm standing just a bit too close and I have to back up a bit in order to see what needs to be seen.

If I have written a Natal Chart for you, then make certain you read the 13 - 15 page letter that I wrote to you at the beginning of your Natal Chart pointing out your aspects and chart configurations. This is the area where I write where you gain your intuition, information on your Rising Sign, the location of your North and South Node, all configuations and what to do with your T-Squares, Grand Trines, Grand Cross', Yod's, Stellium's, Anaeretic Degree (karmic degree) and so much more. This is really the meat of your Natal Chart that I personally write this letter to each and every single person who orders a Natal Chart. I'm thinking if you are coming to me, then you want answers. RIGHT? And by all means, look for the back doors that I have written into your chart. They are there! Especially in those T-Square's! Folks, you have to read and re-read the chart. I read and re-read my Natal Chart every single morning. "Now . . I'M GOIN' IN! . . You! . . Blue Lines! . . Cover Me!"

Click the radio pic of me and it will take you directly to www.drstandleylive.com. New broadcasts are posted daily. Read the last daily message titled, Follow Up to My Path of Transformation. Note the first black button in the left green column will always bring you back to the Home Page.

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]


I finished up my teaching schedule for the weekend here in Orlando and I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to get away from the cold. Rain is in the forecast, which does not bother me a bit, as long as it isn't cold. I am a "walkin' in the rain" type of gal so I'm looking forward to making my way due East to see if I can catch some rain on the beach! Ah . . just to lay there in the wet sand, get rained on and ask God, "Now what? What do you want me to do now?" And while I'm on that beach, I have a few things that I intend to scream from the top of my lungs. Do you ever feel like sometimes you just need to go crazy, lose your mind and just start screaming? Folks, I am at a point in my Life where I am ready to just bust down some walls. I feel like I could just stretch my arms out, move certain energies out of my way and JUST GO! I mean bust out in a very bold and courageous way. I don't even know what that is . . . but itsa' comin'. I feel it.

Being that my Natal Chart reveals my intuition comes through the water element, I am prepared to plop down by the Ocean and 'receive' some astounding stimulation. Folks, this is not a vacation for me because I see every day of my Life as a vacation. To me, every day is Saturday. Every day is Monday. Every day is Wednesday. I just happened to change my usual location this week because I can and because that is what I wanted seven years ago. If you read my My Path of Transformation that was posted over the weekend, my intended goal seven years ago was to be able to flap my butterfly wings, land anywhere on the planet and call it home.

I received an enormous amount of e-mails regarding My Path of Transformation and how it related to so many of you. I feel the need to be very clear about something regarding that Daily Message. This was NOT a sad, painful or sorrowful time in my Life and neither was it difficult in the sense that one may think because I chose for it to be something better. It may have been hard in the sense that I did not realize how much energy I had to pull out of myself, yet as the same time, it was not difficult. I was in GO mode. I embraced the transformation that I HAD ASKED FOR and when I say that I was not worried, doubtful or fearful, I mean it. I was not afraid. Pissed off and angry at times I was certainly that because I can be one fiesty Gemini . . . but never was I doubtful, fearful or worried. I cannot resonate with those words and I will not. That's my choice. They just do not make sense to me. There were no affirmations that I had to say to brainwash myself out of those three words and there were no repetitive prayers that I recited to beg for God's graces. Like I always say, I am a very deliberate and on-purpose person. I knew exactly what I was doing even though I didn't know how much energy it would involve. While I do say affirmations daily, I guarantee you that they are not attached in any way, shape or form to fear, doubt and worry. And my prayers? I pray for something once. One time baby! That's it! I do believe if you pray for the same thing repetitively, then you are sitting in doubt, worry or fear and really believe that God has not heard you. I believe it shows a lack of Faith. When I pray to God and ask for something, I ask ONCE and then each time when I pray about that 'thing', it is in thanksgiving to God that HE HAS HEARD me and He is shifting what needs to be shifted in order for my prayer to be manifested. I also remain open to 'better than or equal to' results. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . 'Equal to or better than' is such a wonderful seat to sit in.

In reading many of your e-mails relating your experiences to mine, there was a strong theme of struggle in them. Folks, that Daily Message was NOT about the struggle, the pain and the heartache. I really did not feel like I was struggling in a horrible sense. So my electric was turned off . . big flippin' deal. How long could that last? So I couldn't buy food . . big flippin' deal. How long could that last? I was actually more motivated by frustration because I wanted to learn the experience and then GO faster. Learn, go, learn, go, learn, GO! My eye was on my goal and I was not budging no matter what my physical world looked like. Alrighty, let's rumble was my attitude! I just let myself feel it all. I would chat with my friend "H" (Henrietta) about it and within seconds we were laughing at the craziness of transformation. I mean we laughed until we cried right smack dab in the middle of some of my seemingly lowest points. No kidding! I accepted the process of transformation and what I was supposed to experience in order to understand millions of people. That's what I wanted! That Daily Message is about the triumph and the certainty that God had my back. If there is anything I know, I KNOW THAT! It's okay. Remember, you are a spirit first animating yourself about the planet in that physical body. Everything is going to be okay when you can calm your 'self' down, you will see it too. It's awesome! Further, affirmations should never be "I release doubt, fear and worry today." Can you see how an affirmation like that reinforces those icky words merely by concentrating on them? Knock it off! Please, please go to the affirmations section of this site to learn more about reciting affirmations.

I was chatting with a woman this weekend who in the middle of our conversation said, "Be careful what you ask for, huh?" I pointed out to her that what she had just said was another fearful statement. " . . be careful . . " has fear attached to it. I always say, "Be clear about what you ask for." Just be clear, simple as that. I never even tell people to "be careful driving." Instead I choose to say, "Enjoy your drive home." My radio show broadcast later today will be about this topic. Click any radio pic on this site to hear the broadcast.

Now . . I'm going to get muddy and crazy by myself in the rain on a beach and I'll be back later to update daily horoscopes early for tomorrow. I'm wondering . . what will come flying out of my mouth while I'm standing or laying there covered in wet sand from head to toenail. I'm so excited to feel, hear and experience more of me.

By the way, I do have my Blackberry turned on again, so I will be receiving your e-mails and phone calls as usual. The phone number is always posted at the top of this site and all e-mails will come straight to the Blackberry. If I answer, you have not interrupted me. If I don't answer, leave your name and number and the best time to call back and I will return your call. I do return calls rather quickly. Just remember, I am on Eastern time right now.

Click the radio pic of me and it will take you directly to www.drstandleylive.com. New broadcasts are posted daily. Read the last daily message titled, My Path of Transformation. Note the first black button in the left green column will always bring you back to the Home Page.

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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Audio'Siyo [Hello in Cherokee]


Folks, today's Daily Message is a dandy because I am finally ready to share something BIG with you. If anyone understands where you are at this time and place in your Life, I do. After watching Oprah's show on Tuesday regarding, "How Much Space Do You Need?" I feel the need to share with you my path of transformation. I fully understand that transformation in relationships, finances and career can be a severely challenging and debilitating experience, especially when it feels like you are left alone. Not to mention when all three (relationships, finances and career) hit you all at the same time. Believe me, I know what this walk involves when I speak with you on the phone during a reading or consult. I do understand your emotions and pain while moving through your stuff.

On Ash Wednesday I wrote a Daily Message on transformation called, "META-MORPHO-OH!", which brings me to share with you further.

Exactly seven years ago I went through a transformation process like none other that I had ever experienced. I had a 12 year relationship end, where it wasn't until the last year of that relationship that we actually lived together. At the same time, my daughter had gone off to college in another state. I was alone for the first time in my Life. This is because two weeks after I graduated from high school my sister and I shared an apartment. A year later I had gotten married. I had never been alone! EVER!

At the time of the 'move-out' I had my own posh women's clinic here in St. Louis complete with nine treatment rooms and a handful of people I employed, including one other doctor. I had my own radio show on a local radio station, I was writing articles for several holistic magazines and I was speaking at various events. Life was Good and I was happy! When I 'moved out' of the relationship, I moved into my own opulent lifestyle in the heart one of the highest earnings neighborhoods in the St. Louis area. I was driving a brand spankin' new Mercedes SUV that had $20,000 in options and my Life seemed perfect. As my transformation began running its own course from the moment of the relationship 'move out', within less than a year, I was feeling the need to take my Life to a higher level.

I remember driving to work one day and praying to God how much I wanted out of the clinic. I mean I wanted out, BAD! I wanted to write books, start a website, travel at will for business and pleasure and work from my home. I wanted financial, business, social and personal FREEDOM! I promised God that if He found a way for me out of that clinic lease, I would work for Him. Instead of working with one patient at a time, I wanted to work with millions of people at a time. And I most certainly meant millions. That was my prayer and within one week, there was a window of opportunity for me to close the clinic. I stated my desire and it manifested. I just didn't realize what it would take to get to the place that I desired to be.

There was one thing that I was not aware of that I am fully aware of today. If I wanted to communicate and relate to millions of people, I was going to have to relate to them through my own experiences. How could I relate on a level that I never experienced? I was going to have to understand what they were going through in relationships, finances and career, which are the three things that the majority of people value for their security needs. I fully believe that the time line that I had to learn these things was completely up to me. How was I going to handle the transformation if I was going to teach others how to do it? Would I step into drama mode and sit there or would I accept the challenges and move through them with grace?

To make a long story short . . . I lost nearly everything except my family and a couple of very close friends. I went from living like a Queen to nearly being homeless. I went from living in a $2000 a month spread to a $450 a month 400 square foot studio apartment that I couldn't even pay for several months. I went from driving a $60,000 Mercedes SUV (including the $20,000 in options) to riding a used bicycle. I went from a jam packed refrigerator to having my parents buy me food for six weeks at my lowest point, which was only two years ago! I went from being able to pay off my credit cards every month with no problem to the worst credit rating imaginable. It wasn't until two years ago when things finally began breaking for me. I could actually see Light at the end of the tunnel. It still wasn't anything great, but there was definitely Light. This was actually going to work only I needed to push harder. Then about a year and a half ago, things were clearly headed in the direction of the dream I had that day driving to work and praying to get out of that clinic lease.

I am a firm believer in DO NOT leave this planet with debt. We should be leaving more than we brought into this world. Take nothing and leave something bold and wonderful. I arrived on this planet with nothing on my back and I WILL leave the planet with an abundant impact. During THE MOST challenging financial times, I always made just enough money to keep my phone and electricity on so that I could update my website. There were times when I was cut off for a few days and at one time, both the phone and electricity disconnect lasted two weeks! When the phone was working, creditors were calling and yelling at me. The things they would say were really hurtful. I couldn't believe these were human beings. I understood that I created this existence I was living but I also understood they were just doing their job. One day I decided to just stand up to them and say, "Look, I don't know when I can pay, but I will. I won't run. You can call here every single day if you want and I will not ignore your calls, but when the financial situation breaks, you will know it. Until then you are slowing me down." Interestingly enough, the calls stopped.

I will never forget the first time I put a statcounter on this website three years ago . . I was devastated when I saw the numbers that first day. I had been working so hard for three years and only had 50 regular viewers. This was THREE YEARS AGO! After I threw myself on the floor and kept asking God, "Why?" . . I typed faster and more furiously than you could imagine. I have to hand it to my parents on this one, even though I knew they wanted me to practice again or just go get a job, they were nothing but supportive. I also knew, that they knew, "Loretta is relentless and does not quit". I may be a lot of things but a quitter is not part of my 'spirit description'. Even my five equally determined brothers and sisters never doubted me for a second and never once minimized what I was creating. Everyone knew that I had a vision and I would INDEED MANIFEST IT. There was never a question of, "How much did I want it?" I couldn't stop and go work somewhere else because this website is a 24/7 job. If the internet never closes, then neither would I. I learned how to manage my own website because I couldn't afford to pay anyone else to do it for me. Learning the website was my only option and I had to learn it immediately, if not sooner.

Folks, things were very ugly for so long but I have to say that I gave up worry, doubt and fear about seven years ago. Honestly, those three words are not part of my spirit, vocabulary or belief system. They really aren't. I am a very calm spirit under pressure because I choose to be. At the same time I can be a fiesty spirit over little things. (winky wink) There might be other things in Life that slow me down but worry, doubt and fear will not be part of it. If I couldn't handle this . . . how could I handle bigger, better and more of all that is Good?

What's my Life like now? Now my statcounter reveals that I am speaking to millions of people every week. My business has definitely shifted to bigger, better and more . . . and continues to grow every single day. I can travel at WILL for business or pleasure. I work from home. I can buy groceries whenever I need them. My utilities and phone are always paid on time. I once again have credit cards and still use them the way I always did paying them off every single month. I can spend money on my daughter or my grandson whenever I want. Remember when my computer blew up back in November 2006? I was able to just run out and buy another one. That still blows my mind. And the cool thing is I can still carry a dollar around in my pocket for two weeks straight and not feel the need to spend it just because it is there. I also have my actual 'last dime' sitting on a picture frame of Jesus right in front of me so that I never forget to be grateful.

Back to Oprah's show on Tuesday about, "How much space do you need?" I still live in that small 400 square foot studio apartment and I still ride a bicycle for transportation. My priorities in Life have certainly shifted. I do enjoy this small apartment, especially since I like to giddy-up-and-go as often as I do AT WILL, which was one of my goals seven years ago. And next weekend I'll be jettin' over to Dallas to meet up with Peg (Libra) and Christina (Aquarius) for the weekend. I'm so excited about that because as I always say, "Put the three air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) in a room together and they will talk about everything and solve nothing. (Naturally me being the Gemini) I'm so excited! I had contemplated buying a car back in November 2006 when I realized that I just don't need a car living in the City. It really is not necessary for me. Besides, I have a bicycle and rollerblades. My daughter Karmen thinks I'm nuts but she does know her mom very well and knows better than to worry. She knows I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type of gal and just shakes her head in protective approval. And on those more splendid weather days, my grandson "Big Tree" gets a kick out of seeing his Granny ride up to his house on a bicycle. It really is a Wonderful Life! If I need a car for the weekend, I'll rent it. I have no problem admitting that I am still a materialistic person because I am. I know me very well. I would rather go without than have something without a story. Materialism shows up for me differently now and one of the ways it shows up is I can move about the planet with my computer AT WILL. I pack a small bag and I'm outta here in a flash! I still enjoy wonderful, beautiful and opulent things and since I want those nice things then I will make certain that I give them to me.

So you see folks, I understand you. I hear you. And I can feel it when I talk to you. It has been a long road . . there is no doubt about it, but quitting was simply not an option. If I wanted BIG, then I needed to give BIG with all the energy I could muster. When Life throws you a curve, CATCH IT! and throw it back. Now go practice being you.

Click the radio pic of me and it will take you directly to www.drstandleylive.com. New broadcasts are posted daily. Read the last daily message titled, Changes in Daily Messages. Note the first black button in the left green column will always bring you back to the Home Page.

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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Audio'Siyo [Hello in Cherokee]

A DLG (Download from God) hit me this morning when I woke up regarding Daily Messages. This website has grown exponentially in visitors and pages since this time last year and I have to make adjustments where they are necessary in order to appeal to the masses. Therefore, knowing that I have such an astronomical number of new viewers since this time last year, many of the Daily Messages that were stories will end up as radio broadcasts and will no longer be available in print. For instance, yesterday's radio broadcast was a previous Daily Message called, "Mr. Wonderful" that I wrote back in April 2006. Since my website has exponentially grown, I realize there are many who may not be able to find these stories so easily. Having said that, I have to make changes and adapt to my viewers and listeners.

As a result of the awareness this morning I removed all 2006 Daily Messages so that I could extract certain topics and drop them into other areas of this site. This should make certain topics on this website more user friendly and easier to navigate. For instance, any 2006 Daily Messages that have to do with astrology will end up underneath the Astrology Charts button in the left green column. It's only fair that any topics having to do with this button should end up there. I'll let you know when I complete this process. It shouldn't take me long considering the material is already written. All other Daily Messages from 2006 that I feel should be turned into a radio broadcast will show up on my other website www.drstandleylive.com. Any new Daily Messages (stories) in 2007 that I write will continue to be archived in the year 2007 under the month they were posted.

As a gentle reminder, please note the copyright of my writing. The copyright is posted at the top of this website in the second blue box on each page and at the bottom of this website in the black footer on each page. Thank you!

Click the radio pic of me and it will take you directly to www.drstandleylive.com. New broadcasts are posted daily. Read the last daily message titled, META-MORPH-OH!. Note the first black button in the left green column will always bring you back to the Home Page.

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

My daughter Karmen and I have our own language of whacky words and one of them is "META-MORPH-OH!" For the full effect, hold the "oh" for a few seconds. We started using this word when she was just a wee little thing of probably three years old. I would put on my make-up as she sat on the sink watching me and when I was finished I would look at her with bugged out eyes and squeal, "META-MORPH-OH!" This was because of the transformation that the make-up gave me. For complete dramatization of the transformation process, we always listened to classical music in the morning cranked up really loud from the local classical music radio station. I wanted Karmen to feel drama, passion and transformation at the deepest level and that's just one of the ways I went about it introducing this type of passionate music to her. I wanted her to appreciate and enjoy classical music in her tiny little bones, her heart and topped off with a smile. I even started taking her to the St. Louis Symphony right about the age of five and I will probably do the same thing with my grandson 'Big Tree'. I just Love music and I Love the symphony!

My point is this . . . transformation ("META-MORPH-OH!") takes place on so many different levels, in so many different forms and in so many different people, all at the same time. We are all going through the transformational process, believe it or not, like it or not . . together. It is happening. I challenge you to embrace the "META-MORPH-OH!" that is going on in your Life and make the very best out of a Good or bad situation. Whatever is going on in your Life, make certain that you are a better person because of it. You always 'get to' choose and that is your free will. Your response, actions and reactions are vital to your transformation and how wonderful or not so wonderful that looks in 1 day, 1 month or 1 year. You always 'get to' choose because you really don't 'have to' do anything.

I always say that I live my Life deliberately and purposefully. And no, if you are wondering, I have not read the 'Purpose Driven Life' because I feel that reading other spiritually motivated writers could interfere with the purity of intent of my own writing. I believe we are all saying the same thing, just saying it differently and we will resonate with our own audience. Having said that, I am an intentional person. I am awake, clear and conscious most of the time, so I am a very deliberate human being. Okay, so sometimes I have a momentary lapse of reason and mess up royally, but the majority of the time, I live my Life deliberately and purposefully. I also believe firmly in embracing any "META-MORPH-OH!" that I am going through, which is why at the bottom of all my e-mails I have an excerpt from my book that reads . . .

"I propose the reason why 30-day programs have such a low success rate is because they are out of alignment with Divine Order. They fall short of the necessary 40 days for transformation to occur."

I always asked my patients to recite their specific affirmations 40 times for 40 days. When God was making a change in His plan, He always used 40 days as a period of testing, trial or probation. It was a period of transformation and regeneration. The earth was flooded for 40 days, the Israelites were in the desert for 40 years, Moses prayed on Mt. Sinai for 40 days, Elijah prayed on Mt. Sinai for 40 days and when Jesus went into the wilderness to pray it was for 40 days. We also recognize that Lent takes place over a 40-day period. Even the gestation of a human being is 40 weeks. (Pretty cool huh?) God is so wonderful, on purpose and deliberate!

Folks, today is Ash Wednesday and for us Catholics, we begin Lent today, which is also a time of transformational shift for us. You do not have to be Catholic to participate in Lent or identify with it during this 40-day period that leads up to Easter (Sunday's are not included in Lent because He Is Risen). If you want to "META-MORPH-OH!" your Life, this is a perfect time to do it because the mood in the air is definitely shifting. "META-MORPH-OH!" is right now for so many people and to some the transformation feels great and to others, it feels horrible. Either way, energy is shifting and transformation is taking place whether we like it or not.

If you choose to use this 40-day period to "META-MORPH-OH!", then introduce affirmations into your transformational shift. I have an entire section on this site all about affirmations and various ones you can use. There are literally hundreds of affirmations to choose from. Just go to the Guidance Button in the left green column or click here.

Say the affirmation of your choice 40 times per day for a period of 40 days. If you miss one day, the mental pattern has been broken and it requires a restart back to day one. If you break the pattern, ask yourself, why? What made you shift back into an old thought pattern? It is important not to be discouraged if you recognize an old thought pattern. This is an opportunity to be grateful for the awareness, and start again.

I suggest you use coins, beads or anything that will assist you in keeping track of how many times you recite the affirmation. Place the coins or beads in a cup and pull one out each time you make the statement. You can also use a Rosary. In this manner, you will be able to meditate on what you are saying with deliberate purposeful words rather than keeping track of what number you are on. You will be 'on purpose'. Recite the affirmation while feeling the presence of the words in your mind and body. Take your time and visualize what the new awareness looks like in your daily life.

Above all, embrace the transformation you are going through, seek answers and nurture your own spiritual progression path. The energy is shifting and you 'get to' choose how you will handle it. META-MORPH-OH!

Click the radio pic of me and it will take you directly to www.drstandleylive.com. New broadcasts are posted daily. Read the last daily message titled, A Miracle Looks Like This!. Note the first black button in the left green column will always bring you back to the Home Page.

AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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A Miracle Looks Like This!

AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

I have some really unbelievable news for you. Yesterday I wrote about my friend Tina who was, and I repeat, was going in for heart surgery today. As a gentle reminder, Tina had complications with her twins pregnancy which required her to be hospitalized for 18 weeks, during which time she had went into heart failure three times. Tina is 41 years old. So the heart surgery that she was about to undergo today had been known since early last Fall.

Well, Tina checked into the hospital yesterday around 12:30 PM and by 6:30 PM we had received a phone call that the preliminary tests had revealed her heart condition had gone from severe to mild and could now be treated with medication. Naturally the stress of the pregnancy contributed to the heart condition and the delivery of the girls relieved it. Still, she was expected to undergo surgery all the way up until the preliminary tests yesterday. You talk about two people (her sister Susie and myself each feeding a baby) nearly jumping through the roof with excitement. Susie and I just started saying, "Yes, Yes, Yes, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you" because through prayer that was what we expected. Coupled with firm Faith, that is exactly what it was supposed to look like. We knew we were witnessing a miracle. We knew instantaneously what was going on here. By 7:30 PM, Tina and Jeff were back at home cuddling Mia and Sophia.

So here is how the rest of the week looks. I'm still at Tina and Jeff's today, where now I am visiting instead of babysitting. I will 'probably' be back on my own turf this afternoon and 'yawning early' Friday morning I will strap on my butterfly wings and head for Florida as scheduled. I will not be available by Blackberry on Friday, Saturday or Sunday due to my teaching schedule. Having said that, there should be no delays in updating the sites during this time. I cannot tell you how ready I am to enjoy some warmer weather. Enough is enough and if I want warmer weather, I have to create it myself. And as my 5th grade teacher Miss Farley use to always say, "Manifest Destiny!"

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AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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My Week of Gemini Juggling

AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

This will be a fairly jumbled Daily Message as there are several things going on in my Life that require a set-up.

First, my apologies for not posting your daily horoscopes this past weekend. By the way, check the box above for your monthly horoscope because the Sun has moved out of Aquarius and into Pisces. As most of you know, I'm involved in about 18 billion fund-raisers throughout the year with my whacked-out group of friends who have more energy than a group of 1st graders. On Saturday (the 17th) we had a fund-raiser at the Mardi Gras parade downtown, which was so bitter cold that it could freeze the mucous membranes in your nose. (TMI?) As I always say, "I can't stand cold weather, but the outfits sure are cute." Basically we raise money and give it to St. Louis City schools. The schools can be public or private and have to be grades 1 through 12, which goes in alignment with what I always taught my daughter Karmen . . . "Spend all of your money on education and travel because they are one in the same."

Which brings me to this. There are months in my Life where I am really my own Travel Channel. If you've been reading my Daily Messages for a while, then you know I can't get on a plane fast enough. Friday I'm scheduled to strap on my Gemini butterfly wings and high-tail it to Florida to teach a couple courses in nutrition and neurology. Since they are spaced a couple of weeks apart, I plan to stay in Florida for about a month, popping back in to St. Louis a couple of times to measure my grandson "Big Tree" and make certain I don't miss an inch of growth. As you know, travel does not slow me down a bit because wherever I go, so goes the mega-mondo-ninja-commando-ultra-nuclear computer. I'm really in need of some serious mentation time in warm weather, which will also help me forget about last Saturday's mucous membrane freeze. (oops! sorry) And whenever I'm away from my friends and family I can be the hermitiest hermit you've never seen. It's the Mystery Dancer rice paper thing all over again, which you can listen to on www.drstandleylive.com. During this time, all intuitive readings, natal charts, health consults, TYS e-Course previously scheduled appointments, TYS e-Course downloads, my book And Who Are You? and other items from this site will continue as usual, even the Tsalagi' (Cherokee) Bath Salts. And yes, I do make every single one of those bath salts myself.

Also, beginning today (Monday) through this Friday, I'm asking for your patience with regard to updates on all three of my websites . . . the radio show website, this website, and my page over on myspace since all three sites change every single day. Remember about four weeks ago my friend Tina who had to stay in the hospital for 18 weeks due to complications until she had her twin girls and I was dog-sitting her two Siberian Huskies? . . Well Tina is having heart surgery tomorrow (Tuesday) and if you could find the time to stop and pray for Tina, Jeff and the girls (Mia and Sophia) I would be more than grateful. Your patience will be needed with the updates as I will be the first round of babysitting the girls until Friday along with Tina's sister. Please folks, I beg of you . . please do not worry because that is negative energy and worrying does not heal. It just doesn't. What she needs is all out complete and unwavering prayer coupled with Faith that God has already healed her beautiful heart of gold. I will be asking God to watch over the cardiologist's hand with Divinely Perfect expertise and healing energy, along with the entire medical team. Will you hold this prayer intention with me?

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AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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When IT Doesn't Make Sense

AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

Folks, we have all been in a place in our Life where something BIG and UGLY is happening and it just doesn't make any sense. This could be anything from the breakdown of a relationship, a sudden health issue, financial crippling debt or career delays and obstacles. For the uninitiated, the pain of the circumstances can severely cloud the ability to see clearly. When referring to the uninitiated, I am talking about those who have not quite learned to animate their spiritual self inside their physical body making it a severe challenge to see the big picture and understand the spiritual progression path laid out for us. In other words, it makes Life very very difficult when you are not ALWAYS connected to your spirit.

It's not about you, HERE! It's about you, THERE!
It's the real you, inside that physical body of yours.
That is who you are about.

I look at my own challenges, flaws and shortcomings and I say to myself, "What was I thinking!?!" I do believe I am one of the initiated. No one initiated me, I initiated me. I choose to be clear, conscious and curious. It's my free will and my choice. And still, I trip, I stumble and I slobber all over myself like anyone else just trying to figure it all out. I giggle at all of this, not as a human being who is not taking responsibility for my screw-ups, but I giggle as a spirit and say, "Okay, now I understand why I chose to learn in that way."

Folks, when IT doesn't make sense, then trust your instincts! I call it a DLG (Download from God), which is God talking directly to me, through me, which I also call my intuition. It is also the "still, small voice" written about in 1 Kings Chapter 19:11-13. You can call it whatever you want, it's all the same to me. There is a statement in my book, "And Who Are You? - A Daily Regimen for the Soul" where I am talking about enlightenment over the ending of a long-term relationship. I had called outloud to God, "He didn't have to treat me that way to get me to leave!" . . . then I said it again only louder, "He didn't have to treat me that way to get me to leave!" . . . And what I heard back through my DLG was . . . "Yes he did." Now keep in mind I was at the point in my Life where I was grateful the ending came, I was in the question mark of why did I stay in it for 12 YEARS! I hadn't shed one tear over it's ending until that night because I was trying desperately to understand why I chose THAT route of existence. Why would I have done that to myself? Nothing was making sense to me until I heard THAT DLG. The DLG, the instinct, the intuition was the Truth. I could have doubted what I heard but I knew the Truth when I heard it. The only way that miserable relationship was going to end was the way it ended. That was the only way I was going to get the message. Nothing else worked. I didn't like the way everything went down, it didn't feel Good but it did the trick and I snapped out of choosing the miserable existence and left. That story has nothing to do with anger or animosity, it's all about enlightenment . . we were just two people who got stuck in a plane of existence who finally chose to move on. Even so, at that time in my Life, I would say that we were both "initiated".

I hear, see and feel so many people going through monstrous struggles right now due to their own self-undoing. The only way you can clear this folks is if you look at your role in the grand scheme and ask yourself why YOU chose that route of existence. What did you not know then that you most certainly know now? Did you need a lesson in learning to Love? Did you need a lesson in appreciating money? Did you need a lesson in respecting your body? Even if the trip is painful, the lesson is always well worth it. In Chiropractic we say, "Pain is coward. It is the last thing to show up and the first thing to leave." Pain does go away; it's the lessons that remain that you get to take with you beyond this Life as you now know it.

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AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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Important Occurring Transits

AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

VALENTINE'S DAY REMINDER: Last Friday I wrote about my feelings toward Valentine's Day, in the Daily Message titled, Love, Relationships and SIR," and that Valentine's Day is probably 'the most obligatory' holiday of the year. I even did a radio show on this same thing. Folks, I'm giving you the head's up here, if you are one of those people who are going to get hurt over what you received or didn't receive for Valentine's Day, then you may have a few challenging weeks coming up because Mercury will be going retrograde on Wednesday night, February 14, 2007. You may be caught up in "Obligatory Love" and not "True Love" in addition to the challenge you may already be experiencing in relationships. If you are an "Obligatory Lover", then make certain you are clear about it, if in fact that is what you are asking the Universe to give you.

MERCURY RETROGRADE FEBRUARY 14, 2007: Communication efforts will probably be slowed down and if you are in a challenging relationship . . . Oh Gees, this is not going to feel Good. Mercury is the planet of communication. Those of you who are already in challenging relationships may get caught up in the illusion of Valentine's Day, which can create diluted thoughts and over-imaginative thinking and that will be quite the bummer. That in and of itself is an illusion that can easily turn to dilusion. Retrograde means backward and no planet EVER goes backward folks! It's the appearance of the Sun casting a shadow on Mercury. I have noted in the box above the dates for Mercury Retrograde and I will put a note in each horoscope for each day reminding you of this illusion.

NEW MOON HEAD'S UP: The next NEW MOON begins February 17, 2007 at 11:14 AM EST and ends on February 19, 2007. Please take into consideration your own Natal Chart for the time when you choose to begin something NEW during this NEW MOON. For myself, I will not be starting anything NEW until February 19, 2007 after 2:06 PM EST because I want to wait until the Moon goes into Aries on the 19th and it will also be out of it's void of course FIT! The NEW MOON begins with Aquarius Moon on February 17 BUT it will be void of course, so I don't want that. Then it goes into the Pisces Moon the rest of the 17th and 18th, but Pisces is my South Node (the drain in my chart) . . . so I will be patient and wait for the Aries Moon on the afternoon of the 19th. I have been working on NEW things to load once again during the NEW MOON.

SATURN RETROGRADE: Saturn Retrograde can be an absolute train wreck right now for the uninitiated Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus, meaning those who do not know much about their own Natal Chart. Saturn is the planet of control, restriction, squeezing, limitiation, authority, father, karma and lessons. Saturn is in Leo right now, which presents that squeeze, limitation and control for Leo's. Most Leo's have already overcome the harder part of Saturn and they are on the upswing. For Aquarian's there are a ton of them trying to control and put the squeeze on relationships. Is that weird or what because most Aquarian's don't want to be in a committed relationship anyway but they are most certainly putting the squeeze for things to go their way? Most of them are just scared right now and don't know how to react. And then Scorpio and Taurus are square to Leo. A square is when there is a 90 degree angle to another sign because two other signs separate them from Leo. For Scorpio it is Virgo and Libra that separate them from Leo. For Taurus it is Gemini and Cancer that separate them from Leo. This poses a challenge, squeeze or hardship for Scorpio and Taurus in a certain house of their natal chart.

Please make yourself aware of these transiting aspects. If you are feeling the need for a reading, you know how easy I am to reach. My number is at the top of this website on every single page. Also, go to the "readings" section of this site and first choose the length of reading you would like. There is no need to panic when you can be enlightened as to how to handle this energy.

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AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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How Do Transits Work For You?

AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

Yesterday I found myself in deep agape wonderment regarding transits and how I can further help you, help yourself. I will try to make this as simplistic as possible because my desire is for you to understand you before anyone else.

DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY AND YEARLY HOROSCOPES: When I write horoscopes for an entire population of people, I start with your sign as the first house. Even though this may not be the case for your personal Natal Chart, I have to put your sign as the first house and then each house follows in order because this is for an entire population of people. For example, I am a Gemini so I write them for ALL GEMINI'S based on Gemini 1st house, Cancer 2nd house, Leo 3rd house, Virgo 4th house, Libra 5th house, Scorpio 6th house, Sagittarius 7th house, Capricorn 8th house, Aquarius 9th house, Pisces 10th house, Aries 11th house and Taurus 12th house. If you are a Leo, then I start with Leo as the first house and then follow the signs in order around the chart wheel.

Certainly, even though this is not your personal Natal Chart, there is a great deal of influence on how the planets hit each sun sign's house and you will feel the effects.

Even though the planets are all still moving about the heavens and they sit in a certain degree, they have a more powerful influence on your personal Natal Chart, because this is very personal to you. For instance right now Saturn is in Leo at 21 degrees. Leo rules my 2nd house of money, personal possessions, morals and values. It is all about my moral and value system. If I have a planet in my 2nd house that is within 8 degrees of Leo at 21 degrees, I will definitely feel it. The closer Saturn gets to my planet Uranus in Leo at 22 degrees in the 2nd house, the more I feel the effects. So right now they are 1 degree away from each other. If a planet is within 3 degrees or less of another planet in the same sign, it is called "conjunct" and I will feel it even more because they are nearly on top of each other. If these two planets (Saturn and Uranus) work well together, then I feel that. If they are a challenge to each other, then I would feel that. So right now, for me, Saturn is "conjunct" my Natal Uranus. This certainly and severely heightens my astrologic abilities because they compliment each other in that way.

If you have ordered your transits, then you will see the word "Natal" in each transit that affects your personal Natal Chart.

Below is how the Transiting Saturn conjuncts my natal Uranus. This is a Good aspect for me and I have to use it to straighten-up and get right.

FEBRUARY 4, 2007
12:07:53 AM CST Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Uranus - Exact. *****
22 10` Leo to 22 10` Leo
Begins Jan 22 2007 12:59:55 AM CST
Ends Feb 16 2007 7:59:54 AM CST
[Note -- right here is where the text would be that interprets where Saturn is right now (transiting) my Natal Uranus in the 2nd house of money, personal possessions, morals and values].

Below is how the Transiting Uranus semisquares my natal Saturn. This is a semi-challenge for me and it began Feb 10 2007. Note the dates and times that it lists.

FEBRUARY 28 2007
12:48:50 PM CST Transiting Uranus semisquare natal Saturn - Exact. **
14 24` Pisces to 29 24` Capricorn
Begins Feb 10 2007 4:43:32 PM CST
Ends Mar 18 2007 1:07:26 AM CST
[Note -- right here is where the text would be that interprets where Uranus is right now (transiting) my Natal Saturn in my 7th house of relationships, contracts and unions]. This is not a Good aspect for me.

Below is how the transiting Moon conjuncts transiting Jupiter. Transit to transit affects everyone and not just me.

FEBRUARY 12 2007
3:14:29 AM CST Transiting Moon conjunct transiting Jupiter - Exact. *
15 45` Sagittarius to 15 45` Sagittarius
Begins Feb 12 2007 1:19:49 AM CST
[Note -- right here is where the text would be that interprets where the Moon was at 3:14:29 AM CST this morning in relation to where Jupiter was at the same time this morning]. If you notice, the degrees were the exact same. Because it does not use the word "natal" means that this is for everyone, not just me. If you notice from today's horoscope, the Moon is in Sagittarius.

Click here for more information on Transit Reports and to order your own transits.

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AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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Love, Relationships and SIR

AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

The last holiday you will catch me celebrating is Valentine's Day. It's a cute little holiday for my grandson "Big Tree" because he has a party at school like most children and he gets to bring his sweet little valentine's to pass out to his teachers and friends. Sadly we respond to Valentine's Day with greater Love, expectation and frenzy that we do Love on a daily basis in our own marriages, romantic relationships and close personal friendships and family. Not to mention it is probably THE MOST obligatory holiday of the year. The best part about this day is that it is a wonderfully profitable day for business, which is great for stimulating the economy.

This holiday can easily turn into a day of hurt feelings, ridiculous expectation and injured spirits. And worse yet, celebrating this ridiculous holiday out of a sense of obligation. If you Love someone, then it is your job to make certain that they do not have a question mark in their head about your Love. No matter what, they know this about you! They might have a question mark in their head about career, finances or some other issue in their Life, but not about your Love. PERIOD! Having said that, I believe if you do Love, then the expression and feeling of Love should be delivered to your Loved one every minute you can grab.

I've never been a "cover girl" with my emotions, meaning I don't cover up what is real with what is fake. I am out there folks! If I Love you . . then by golly you know it and there is no doubt in your mind. It's Love! In relationships, whether romantic, family or friendship, I'm a firm believer in removing the question mark, "Do you Love me?" When you are angry, that is not Love. You might say, "Well he/she knows that I Love them." No, No, No, anger is not Love. It is anger. And as long as you are angry or unhappy, it is not Love. Dress it up all you want with excuses and justification but anger and unhappiness are not Love. I can't imagine living my Life in that way.

In relationships, I've never been a candy/flower girl. In other words, I don't want temporary Love. And I don't want it big, bold and beautiful on Valentine's Day. I want it big, bold and beautiful everyday and part of getting it everyday requires me to give it everyday to those I Love without hesitation or reservation, thereby removing the question mark. The guarded posture that so many people sit in because they do "not want to get hurt" is downright stupid. And I mean stupid. Who the hell wants to get hurt? Certainly it happens, but did you Love?

I believe when we turn to Light and leave this planet, the 'Big Question Mark by Sir Himself [God]' will be, "My child, did you Love?" I will be able to stand there and say To Sir with Love, "Yes Sir, I did! Without reservation or hesitation. I did and I still do. I gave it everything I had." Folks, sometimes the outcome to Love can be hurtful and relationships can turn out differently than we expected or wanted. But did you Love? Remember, when I wrote to you the poem, The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer" the weekened I went deer hunting? Please read it again by clicking on the link. That is Love! And remember when I wrote to you my favorite song because it reminds me about Love and God, To Sir With Love, please read it again. To Sir With Love is playing on my myspace page today if you would like to hear it.

If you think about it, men and women alike require very little when it comes to Love and that is attention, affection and the spoken words "I Love you". Start Loving today, right now and don't turn your back even if the outcome is not what you expected. Yes, I have been married twice in my early 20's and that was because I could not Love and I could not commit. I have a lot of experience in NOT Loving fully and correctly. It may seem as if I don't know Love because of my history, but the fact remains I have a lot of experience In Love, just as you probably do. I know Love and finally at 45 years old, I can do it, removing all question marks no matter what the outcome! I am prepared for my judgment when SIR [God] asks me, "Loretta my child, did you Love?" And my answer will be, "Yes SIR, I did."

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AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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Relationships and Balance

Audio'Siyo [Hello in Cherokee]

Folks, don'cha just want to be better people? Isn't there something in you that just makes you want to be nicer, kinder, gentler, more Loving, youthful, exciting and fun? Not to mention you just want to be in a Good mood all the time. Hey, me too! Looks like we have a lot in common. It's no wonder we found each other.

Having said that, there are a few things that I allow those I Love and those who Love me to say certain things to me so that when I start running off a cliff with my emotions, they can stop me before I take both of us down the sharp rocks. Now that I think about it, you don't really even have to Love me, in order for me to hear what you have to say because I want to be a better person. You may notice something that I don't see or don't want to see. We all know that is called, DENIAL. If that's the case, I'm all about, "Hit me with it. Let's dance!"

This past weekend I started running off the cliff and my daughter calls me on it. I fell out laughing and said, "ooop! Sorry." Talk about sobering me up! I'm also the type of gal who wants to know if I look fat in those pants. Just tell me for Goodness sake! I don't want those I Love to walk on eggs shells because they can't talk to me. Just tell me! Can you imagine walking along with someone and they know you look like a goober but are afraid to tell you because you might run off the cliff?

All I'm saying folks is, if those who Love you cannot talk to you, then who can? Relationships are suppose to be a balance. It's the teeter-totter on the playground. Too much energy in one direction is off balance. Someone is up and someone is down. That is exactly why Libra (the balanced scales) rules the 7th house of relationships. You have to strive for balance. As I write in your daily horoscopes all the time, when the Moon rolls through your 7th house, this should never be entertained as opposition and a tug-of-war. This opposing energy should be treated as seeking to balance the scales.

You know when you flip out and lose your mind and so do those who are closest to you. Then again, sometimes you don't know because you already have one foot off the cliff and the energy is turning dangerous. Come up with a statement that makes you feel comfortable, that you will allow your Loved ones to say to you, so that you can sober up, which will knock some sense into your head. Interesting enough, the Virgo Moon this past weekend was squaring Gemini. Now when I write a 'square' into your daily horoscopes, remember that a square is a sharp 90 degree angle that creates a challenge for you. This is when there are two signs between your sign and the one in question. In my case, there are two signs between Gemini and Virgo, so Virgo energy challenges me (even if I am a North Node Virgo). It is my challenge and I have to deal with it.

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AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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Audio'Siyo [Hello in Cherokee]

Well it appears that I am finally on the other side of the horoscopes. If you look above in the gray box I have updated horoscopes through this Friday. Thank God, I'm on the other side of the horoscopes now so that they are updated far enough in advance even for my brother Jerry, a U.S. Marine, in Okinawa, Japan, who is 15 hours ahead of me here in St. Louis, Missouri. And the New Zealanders on the Chatham Islands who are 20 hours ahead of me. My goal has been to put myself on the other side of the world with regard to the horoscopes so that everyone is always updated and then I can move on to other areas of this site that need some TLC (Tender Loving Care). There is one thing I will guarantee about my horoscopes . . . I will never, and I repeat never, computer generate my horoscopes. Once these horoscopes are deleted at the first of each month, they are going going GONE and I write new ones!

This 'updation' . . (new word I think I just invented, winky wink) . . should allow me the time to get the weekly horoscopes on a decent schedule. Folks, I know that I can be a whacky, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants Gemini air sign. That's just me. YeeHaw! Spontaneous, flighty, chasing rainbows and livin' my Life without hesitation or reservation. I know that I need daily regimen. I get me.

I'm a North Node Virgo and it is Virgo that rules the 6th house of daily regimen, routine, health and hygiene. That's exactly why I am in healthcare. That's exactly why I am a nit-picky, Type-A personality, perfectionist. That's exactly why have to accept the challenge to do 'daily things' on this website . . because it is Good for me. I need 'daily regimen' in my Life. It keeps me grounded because Virgo is an earth sign and I'm a flighty air sign. Granted, I know that I get behind in my daily regimens and I just have to do better. I get it! Remember, we have to strive to be more like our North Node because it will be easy for us and that's where our cup will run over. That's why I chose to write 'daily' horoscopes in the first place to generate traffic to my holistic healthcare website. That's why I write the daily Spiritual Progression Path. That's why posting a 'daily' radio show is Good for me. I have to make myself do daily routine things. It is a must for my spiritual progression path. That's why my book is called, "And Who Are You? - A Daily Regimen for the Soul" and has the word 'daily' and 'regimen' in it. That's why on my myspace page I have a different song playing every single day and why I have my daily game on there called, "Name That Tune". I have to do these 'daily regimens' for my own Goodness and spiritual self-survival and awakening. Oh I am definitely a 'deliberate, intentional and on purpose' gal. And yes, that is why this particular page is called, "Daily Message".

Wow, I just playing in my Life and striving to figure it all out. It just rattles and twists my Gemini crankin' cogwheels. I LOVE IT! Folks, nothing really challenges me . . but me.

Folks, if I wrote your Natal Chart, then I wrote a heap of information in there about that North Node of yours. Read about everything that your North Node represents and then do it. THAT is what will bring you success! There is always a method to ol' Dr. Standley's madness. Now go play yourself UP and practice being you.

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AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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Audio'Siyo [Hello in Cherokee]

I had a fantastic weekend beginning with Friday's Ground Hog Day. Several months ago I wrote to you about how this group of friends I hang out with will celebrate nothing in particular while at the same time celebrate anything in particular. Well Friday was one of those days as we geared up to celebrate Ground Hog's Day. We ended up going with the hog [pig] theme and made 'pigs in a blanket' and other savory ground hog/pork dishes. I brought this cute little game called, "Pigmania" where you toss 2 tiny little pigs out of a cup similar to a Yahtzee cup that is called the "Pig Sty". The 2 tiny pigs are about the size of monopoly board pieces and made of eraser material so they bounce easily. The pen used to keep score is called the "Pig Pen". Cute huh? I'm not making this stuff up folks! It's a cute game.

During play, any player can yell out "Sooeee", which is "hog calling" their opponent and you have to guess what they will throw. You get points for a sider, jowler, leaning jowler, razorback, double razorback, snouter and hoofer. And you receive NO POINTS for "makin' bacon" or a "piggy back". We'll have none of that!!! Get your mind out of the gutter! The most hilarious thing about this game was during the final match we could not end the game. It was just like the movie Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray and Andie McDowell where every day kept repeating itself. Once you reach 100 points in the game you have to 'hog call' (sooeee) everyone correctly and still maintain over 100 points. At any given time at least two people were over 100 points and this kept the game going. It was a nightmare and hysterical at the same time. We just couldn't get the game ended to save ourselves.

Hmmmm . . it was definitely a night of 'Art imitating Life'. Does that ever happen to you? Since Friday night I have been sitting in this 'Art imitating Life' mentation and all of my Ground Hoggie repeats that I have done year after year. And I don't want anymore Ground Hoggie repeats. That doesn't sound or look like growth to me. Since Friday night I have literally said, "Hog Wash!" to a few things that I choose no longer to repeat and wash out of my Life today, tomorrow and each day thereafter.

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AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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First Day of the Month

AudioOsda Sunalei [Good Morning in Cherokee]

Good morning everyone. Your daily horoscopes will be updated today. Please be patient while I make entire page updates on each of the 12 signs for daily horoscopes. The set-up pages for daily horoscopes takes the longest because I have to update the Moon and notate Void of course Moons, which requires me generating a chart for every single day of the month to make certain each date accurate. I WILL have this complete today.

As always, I am a one-woman-show and the first day of the month I have many updates to make on the site, which are changes that you never see but are changes necessary for search engines and coding. For your FYI, the Moon is in Leo today . . keywords for your day are . . . [leadership, bossy, children, generous, drama, ego, royalty, physical strength, will, playful] . . . now get out there and make a great day for yourself out of these keywords until I get your pages updated.

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AudioDenadagohvyu ['Until we meet again' in Cherokee]

A bazillion blessings~ Dr. Loretta Standley

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